Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Little Update

Momma says I should update everyone since it's been a while.  I walk really well, I don't run, but I have a speed walk, that she says would enable me to keep up with Ahna in the hallways at school.  I am the stairmaster, well, I haven't quite figured out the down part, but I can get upstairs when it sounds like Britt and Ruth are having too much fun without me.  I have started playing patty cake, and other hand games.  Everyone seemed to think it was alot of fun when I played too, so I don't mind to entertain them.  I like to eat everything, I out eat both of my siblings, and Momma thinks I'm about to jump up to the next clothes size (12-18) and finally be normal sized.

Everyone says my only word is Momma, but you have to understand that I say it in this incredibly loud, teenager like tone, "Maaaaaaa-ma!"  It's a handy word to know.  It means, "I wanted food 10 minutes ago," "Ruth is annoying me,"  "Hold ME," "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," and "What happened to my cup?"  I've quit using the word, "da-da" because I've found I can get everything I want with "ma-ma."  I do babble some, and I nod really big when Momma asks me if I want something.  Today, just to mix things up I said my first sentence, "Hi, Da-da."  I've also started mumbling something like "Yeah ahm" for Yes Ma'am, but if you tell anyone else I'll deny it.  I prefer a solid standby that is the answer to all questions, say it with me, "MAAAAAAAAA-MA!"

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