Thursday, May 29, 2014

15 Month Doctor's Appointment

What's with Britt's crazy eyes?
I had my 15 month doctor's appointment yesterday.  It was suppose to be Tuesday, but Momma left the headlights on in the car, and it wouldn't crank when we went to leave.  So she rescheduled for yesterday.  Then when we got there, they told us we were scheduled for Thursday not Wednesday.  Momma laughed at the craziness of it.  But they told her that they could work us in at 10:45 instead of 10:30, and she was really happy about that.  Me, not so much.

I am back on the growth chart again.  Apparently even though I made it back on the growth chart at 9 months (for the first time since birth), I fell off again at 1 year.  I like giving folks a run for their money.  I am in the 5% for height, and have hit the 25% for weight.  Momma already suspected that I had outgrown my carseat, but yesterday confirmed that I am barely too tall for it, and over the minimum weight for the new carseat, so I'm going to be upgrading soon.  Momma thought she might could wait a little longer, but I guess not.  Apparently my new found little pot belly, is why Momma is also boxing up the 9-12 month clothes and pulling out the 12-18 month stuff.  And for the first time I'm in the right size clothes, since 3 months.  Momma says I just don't gain weight at in even rate, my charts aren't a nice arc, but a pretty jagged set of rocks.  I'm cool with that though.

What?  I'm not much of a morning person.

The doctor agreed I needed to get back into the eye doctor and get it taken care of since it hasn't cleared up, and it is bothering me more and more.  The doctor was also a little concerned about, not so much my lack of vocabulary, but the fact that I've quit using words, I already knew.  I would have told her it's just not convenient to need so many words, but I'd had to use words.  She was less concerned, when Momma had me get and do some different stuff, so that she could see that I understand, I'm just not a talker, yet.  And really who has time for learning words, I mastered the stairs three ways this week.  I can go up and come down two different ways.  I like to scoot down on my hiney, holding on to the rails.  Brady showed me a neat trick at Church this weekend and that's how to go down backwards.  Momma is grumbling that is what she's been trying to tell me for some time, but I don't believe her.

I like to eat, and your point is?
I got a shot, which I didn't like at all.  However, since everyone was so good (though my brother's behavior was a bit debatable), we went over to Dairy Queen for lunch and everyone used their money from Granddaddy for ice cream.  I really liked a sign that had ice cream and fruit, but Momma said it was too big for me to eat.  I insisted that it looked so tasty and had FRUIT too, so she gave me a little extra money, and we split a Banana Split while Ruth and Britt had ice cream twist with sprinkles.  Afterward I came home and slept for a really long time.  Momma said something about a sugar coma, and used the time to load lots of singing videos to the Church facebook page.  Well there are stairs to climb, so I'm gonna run!

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