Monday, May 05, 2014

Florida Visitors

So weekend before last we had some visitors - Memaw and Mister!  She called me up a few months ago, just itching to come and see the kids again, and I suggested that weekend, because according to the schedule I had at the time, the kids were going to be having Fine Arts night with the co-op we've been attending.  Apparently I had an old copy of the schedule, and turns out Fine Arts night was the Tuesday before, (and couldn't be moved, cause I double checked).  Anyway, they already had bought flights, so they came on up.

It had to be a short trip, in on Thursday night and back out Sunday evening, because Mister doesn't have any more time off of work till the end of the year.  (They have changed the vacation schedule back to the way it was, so first he had too much, and need to use some, and now he's not really got any.)  The kids were super excited and spent all this time on Thursday making a poster for them to tell them "Thank you for visiting."

Since it was a quick trip we mostly just spent some time around the house.  We went to Crossroads (the farmers market) on Friday, then ate lunch at DQ.  On the way back to the house, we swung by the Amish furniture and grocery store.  That afternoon before the rain moved in I planted some clearance finds from Walmart while Dad got the tiller up and running and went over most of the old chicken coop which is were we will be planting our garden at least for this year.  On Saturday we were going to fire it up again, to go over some more ground, but we couldn't get it working again.  Gary's going to have to carry it in somewhere for a tune up I reckon.  So on Saturday the kids and Mister got some lettuce seed started.  We promptly lost about half of the seeds in the first hour or so, when Ruth slung the back door open and knocked Britt's little egg crate off.  Then one day early this week, the wind got up so bad that it blew Britt's off the porch again, and this time he had no dirt or seeds left.  Then the day we had a monsoon, Wednesday I believe, Britt thought the plants needed more water, and next thing I know, he's drug them outside, and Ruth's big egg crate was falling apart, and some of the soil (and seeds I imagine) were floating away.  However, despite the kids tender, loving care the first one sprouted on Friday.

Anyway, back to last Saturday, after spending some time outside, and Gary getting home from work, we all went down to Traci's Place.  They were having all you can eat crab legs.  We had a good time visiting, despite the visit being so short.  Of course, Britt and Ruth weren't above trying to bargin with them and get them to stay longer.  When it was explained that Mister had to go back to work, Ruth wanted to know why he needed to work anyway.  Britt tried to talk Memaw into letting Mister go home by himself, if he couldn't stay.  They were pitiful.  I reminded them it'll only be a few months till we head down to Florida to go to the beach.  On our way home, Britt commented that he guessed it was ok for them to go home, so that they could get "our beach" all ready.

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