Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Quest for an Angry Bird Band Aid

I don't normally like to post more than once a day, but I have a funny story to share, that just can't wait.  Britt, as you might have gathered from his post earlier is crazy about Angry Birds.  Ahna found a couple of boxes of Angry Bird band aids while she had the kids, so she got him some.  Britt saw them last night, as we were unloading the car, and he wanted one before bed.  I told him he didn't need one and though he wasn't thrilled, he headed off to bed.  This morning, he tried to convince me that his week old scratch that is nearly gone needed one.  He also manufactured several "accidents" this morning, that left terribly painful, invisible cuts, in an attempt to get an "Angry Bird bandage."  He didn't get one.

We went off to conquer our day - speech therapy, doctor's appointments, lunch, landscaping appointment, scheduling other things for the next week.  This evening, Britt was playing outside with Kita.  He takes a stick and runs around the yard, dragging the tip.  Kita bounds along beside him, trying to catch the stick and then take it from him.  Sometimes she gets it and goes tearing off in the opposite direction for a game of keep away.  Sometimes she gets aholt of it, and they play tug a war.  Sometimes Britt throws it and she goes after it.  She will catch it, play a little keep away, and then drop it by him for another round.  Today, we had one of those moments, where I really wish I had my camera rolling.  Britt was running, and dragging the stick like usual when Kita dove for the stick and instead caught the hem of his bluejeans.  As always, she whirled around to take off with her stick, but instead Britt went down on his behind, and she went flying across the yard, with his pants flapping in the wind.  See he didn't have any shoes or socks on, and I suspect he hadn't even buttoned his pants from the last trip to the bathroom.  Kita got all the way across the yard, before realizing that she didn't have the stick after all.  She dropped the pants, came back and got her stick.  Britt meanwhile is laying on his back howling about how Kita tried to eat him, and how he is hurt.  For all of that, he had a small cut on his wrist.  So we went inside, I washed him off, got him dressed again, and let him pick out an Angry Bird band aid   He is really proud to be sporting it, and with in 5 mins, he was back out chasing Kita in the yard.

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