Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My Blue Balloon

We've been having fun at Memaw and Mister's house this week, playing with all of our cousins.  Yesterday, we went to Chickfila and got a balloon, I really liked that balloon.  I wouldn't let anyone else see it, after all Lilli let her's go outside, and Britt popped his in the car.  I wasn't going to let them mess up my balloon.  I liked bouncing it off the ceiling, and I took a nap with it.  After playing with it all day.  I took it outside and said, "Bye-bye, balloon.  I love you!" And let it go.  It flew far away, higher and higher, we watched it till it was all gone.  I'm going to visit Sis. Rebecca this afternoon and talk to her like I do Ms. Leah.  Then tomorrow we are going to get on the road.

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