Thursday, April 04, 2013

Gulf Coast Fellowship Meeting

3-28-09, Britt 2 months old, at the hotel on Saturday morning.
On our way down to Florida last Thursday, we stopped off at the Gulf Coast Fellowship Meeting at Bethel Church in Bonifay, FL.  This Church has a little bit of a special story in relation to our little family.  The first time we attended, they were hosting the Gulf Coast Fellowship Meeting back in 2009, and Britt was 2 months old.  When Ruth was about 2.5 months old, St. Andrews had Bro. David Montgomery in for a meeting the 5th weekend in October.  Bethel Church also had him over for Saturday night service, and we visited them again.

10-29-10, Ruth 2.4 months old, Friday afternoon
before leaving for the meeting.
This past Thursday, with 1.5 month old Rebecca in tow, we again were able to visit Bethel Church.  We heard Bro. Jonathan Wise (son of Eld. Larry Wise) speak first.  He had been exercising about 7 or 8 months.  His thoughts centered on Psalm 31 and Genesis 45.  He spoke about some of the types and shadows of Jesus in the old testament.  He brought out several good points.  His delivery is still rough, but I think with time and practice he may prove to have a gift.  He was followed by Elder Ronnie Loudermilk.  I was excited to hear him, because he's suppose to be with us at our annual meeting in July.  I've heard of him, but never heard him preach.  He had a very good message on enduring, which he took from Acts 14 and Paul's experience in Lystra.  He healed a man and preached a great sermon, but they totally missed the point and started worshiping them.  Then he told them to stop, preached again, and they stoned him.  He supervised  and went back to preach to them again.  That is a picture of endurance.  I really enjoyed his sermon, he is very passionate when he's in the stand.

3-31-13, Rebecca 5 weeks old, Easter Sunday
the same weekend of  meeting


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Danielle, I think you may have finally gotten one! I think she favors you in this picture! :)

Dani said...

I'm too cautious to make any predictions, I still think she looks alot like Britt, but she looks the least like Gary of the three. :)