Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Animal Crackers

4-16, Napping
(I asked Ruth this morning what she wanted to blog about and she said animal crackers, so here goes.)

Ruth:  Animal crackers so yummy.  Me eat all animal crackers.  There are horses, rhinos, and sheep.
Britt:  There are no dogs and sheep.  Sheep live on farms not with animal crackers.  There are donkeys and elephants.
Ruth:  Hey, you go about bowling balls in a minute.  My turn.

Ruth:  I like animal crackers.  Sis. Lydia gave me animal crackers.  I don't share my animal crackers.
Britt: But I want animal crackers too.
Ruth, laughing, says: My yummy animal crackers.
4-12, She can hold her own.


lydia said...

I gave her animal crackers?!? Sure don't remember that!

Dani said...

Yeah, that's what I thought, but she was very insistent that "sisa wy-ia" gave her some.