Thursday, April 11, 2013


So as Ruth mentioned yesterday, we went down to Florida for Easter. Easter Sunday after Church is when Gary's mother's side of the family all get together - all of Gary's great-grandmother's family, even though she's no longer with us. Ruth wasn't in much of a blogging mood yesterday, it's like pulling teeth lately to get even a few sentences from her. So, I figured I'd give you the extended version After all, I still have a ton of great pictures to share.

While in Florida we got to work in a childless evening with Clay and Rebecca, that was a ton of fun.  I suppose they are probably two of our favorite people to just hang out and visit with.  We squeezed in a visit to "Cousin Heather" for haircuts.  I managed to score some good prices at the Beals outlet store and consignment store for Britt's summer clothes.  We dyed Easter eggs with all the grandkids.  We visited with our Church family and then Gary's family.  I got Gary off to the airport after he played the meanest April Fool's joke ever on his mom, by telling her that he got a job back in Florida.  (We got a few others with it too.)  Then right before leaving for the long trip home I got to meet Miss Evelyn.

This was Rebecca's first Easter.  She smiled at her Daddy when he told her about the candy in her basket.  I don't think she would have though if she had known he was planning to eat it all.  Ruth beat him to it though.  We found her under the table with alot of wrappers that night.  I'm still not sure where she found so much, I suspect she finished off not only her own but most of Britt's, Rebecca's, and Lilli's as well.

The kids really enjoyed hunting eggs this year.  Britt was big enough to roam and find some without help. He still doesn't get the point of trying to find the most eggs, because he shared a number of his.  /giving them to Julia or Jessica, and telling them I found one for you.  I followed him around some, and he gave away almost every other egg.  Julia and Jessica shared some back with him too though.  Ruth didn't need too much guidance from Gary, though she did make him tote her basket.  She was thrilled with all the colors. Gary was holding Rebecca and said it was crazy to think that she could be walking and hunting eggs next year (she'll be about 15 months then).  It really is amazing just how much they grow the first year.

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