Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going Bowling

(4-7, Britt showing off his "co-ling ball" shoes.)
Britt:  Well, I want to talk about our new, big, big, strong backyard.  It is in Pennsylvania.  I'm excited about going to our new house.  It has a door to go in and out to play and go places.  Daddy is there getting our house ready.

Britt:  Why he was gone we went co-ling ball (bowling) for the first time ever.  To go co-ling ball, you need co-ling ball shoes.  Not real shoes for going outside to play but special co-ling ball shoes.  You need strong big hands to carry the co-ling ball.  Ruth is not a big girl.
Ruth: Yes I am.
Britt: No you are not, you don't use the bathroom like a big girl.

Britt:  I like putting the co-ling ball down the dragon tail.  I tried to do it like Momma one time, but it fell done on the sides, and it didn't go all the way.  So Unca Nick got it back and I tried again, but it didn't knock anything down.  Unca Nick, Unca Benji, Grumps and Ahna, and Momma, and Ruth all went co-ling ball with me.  I used the green ball, but I liked the purple and black ball better.  They were too heavy, but I tried to carry them.
Ruth:  I like it too.

Britt: Stickers are so sticky on your arm and cheek.  I also know about bandages.  Angry bird bandages, they stick like stickers.  I didn't need any after I went co-ling ball though.

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Dianne said...

Danielle, loved the bowling kids! You have such a beautiful family. You are blessed and I know you know that. I loved Ruth's HIGH FIVE! Girl got game!