Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surprise Visit

Gary came in for a surprise visit this weekend.  He had hoped to come next weekend when Fort Wayne has their annual meeting, but someone else already had off Friday and Saturday.  So, I knew we wouldn't be seeing him until the end of the month.  Friday afternoon, Jacki told him with the rain it would probably be pretty slow, why didn't he just go ahead and hit the road and she'd see him on Monday.  So after work, and going by the PA house for measurements and such, he did just that.  He got here about 4 am on Saturday.  Boy were the kids excited to see him when they woke up.

Gary and I were talking Saturday afternoon about when he needed to leave on Sunday to get back to Pennsylvania when Britt spoke up.

Britt:  Yeah! We are going to our new house in Pennsylvania tomorrow!
Ruth:  Yeah! Go to 'Vania 'morrow!
Daddy:  No, I'm going by myself to go back to work, and get our new house ready.
Momma:  We have to stay here and pack up everything. We don't want to leave your books and toys and clothes.
Britt:  Ok, when we get home, Daddy I want you to pack the kitchen.  Momma you pack the bathroom.  Ruth you pack the diamond room. (aka the dining room)
Daddy:  Great.  We are raising a foreman here. (rolls eyes)
Momma:  What about you, what are you going to pack?
Britt:  I'm going to pack the living room and my bedroom.
Daddy:  What about Rebecca?  What's she going to pack?
Britt:  She is not strong enough to pack.
Daddy:  Should we pack her in a box?
Britt:  No, babies don't go in a box.
Ruth:  No Daddy. (continues to fuss at him, in a language no one else speaks.)

That night when we were getting ready for bed.  Britt was still unhappy that Gary would be leaving without us.

Britt:  Momma, we need another baby, there are too many girls in this house.
Momma:  Well, you'll have to just pray about it, and see if God gives us another little boy.
Britt:  Momma, can he give us one tomorrow?
Momma:  I think if He gives you one, it will be when He gets ready, and I don't think that will be tomorrow.  Why do you want another little boy?  I thought you liked to play with Ruth and Rebecca.
Britt:  Daddy keeps going away to work, I need another little boy to wrestle with and play superheroes when Daddy is at work.  One that's not whiny and cries all the time like Ruth.
Momma:  You know, even if we have another little boy he'll be like Rebecca, it'll take time for him to grow big enough to play those things with you.  Besides, we'll get to go to Pennsylvania with Daddy in 16 more days.
Britt:  But, I want to go with him now.  You forgot to pack our stuff.  Hurry up, we have to get all this stuff packed.

Needless to say they weren't happy to see Daddy leave again this afternoon a little before 4, but we are glad that he came home to see us.

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