Monday, April 22, 2013

2 Months with Rebecca


You are 2 months old today.  Tomorrow you have your 2 month appointment, but at your 6 week appointment you weighed in at 10 lbs and 1/2 an oz, and 22 inches long.  You are long and slender.  You are wearing size 1 diapers now.  I found a few newborn diapers last week that I hadn't used, and I put them on you, so as not to waste them, but they were a bit of a stretch to cover you.  You still have an outie, but not as noticeable as before, except right after you have eaten.  When you have a tight, full belly, I can see it through your onesies.  I can't tell that you've lost any of that long hair, but I can tell that it's much, much lighter than before.  Your face is more narrow than the other's were, and though I'm afraid to say it, I'm holding out hope that even though you didn't get the red hair, that you might favor me a little.

You've been sleeping through the night since you were a month old.  There were a couple of nights right after that, and one night last week when you woke up to eat, but you are sleeping a good 6 hour to 8 hour stretch at night.  I've managed to work your bedtime back to around midnight, though some nights like last night it was still almost 1:30 before you got to sleep.  You tend to sleep until between 6:30 and 7:30, wake up to eat, and then go back to sleep until 9:30.  Thank goodness, you are sleeping through the night.  It's a real blessing, because I'm really not sure how I could function with all three of you by myself on any less sleep at night.

We have a bit of a routine since getting back home.  I get up with Britt and Ruth between 8 and 9, and get them breakfast, let them watch their morning shows, and by then you are awake to eat again.  After that I can usually sit down to my bible reading and morning facebook time.  You are awake for a little while, before falling asleep again for around an hour or so.  I either hold you a while, or let you sleep in the floor on your tummy.  Occasionally, your brother and sister will lay beside you while they play, or they will try to talk to you.  Britt is convinced that you are watching him every time your eyes are open and turned in his general direction, and he delights in trying to get you to smile, and in parting all the wisdom of his 4 years as quickly as possible.  Ruth likes to cover you up, and sometimes even gives you kisses.  Your owl that she says she got for you, stays by the swinger and she's always moving it to be sure that it's as close as possible to you.  You typically wake up to eat again around 1.  After which you take a long nap until close to supper time.  I usually put you in the swinger then, so that I can work on other things, while being sure that no one runs through and steps on you.  I'm just waiting for Britt and Ruth to forget to pay attention and squish you.  You often wake up during supper time or right after, around 6 ish.  After I feed you, you go back into the floor to hang out, and I get the other two into the bathtub.  You complain pretty much the whole time, as I am putting supper things away, and cleaning up the house.  After Britt and Ruth get out of the bathtub, I lock up the house and head everyone upstairs about 8:30.  I lock the gate, so as to get no escapees, and I get everyone in their pjs.  I get Britt and Ruth to bed between 9 and 9:30 and for the next 3 to 4 hours you eat more or less nonstop.  I have occasionally thought that you were mostly asleep and tried to put you down, only to have you wake up, complain, and have to start all over again.  You are most alert in the evenings, and when you are awake you want to eat, or at least have it available.  I've tried to tell you that this isn't a 24 hour diner or an all you can eat buffet, but you seem to know otherwise.  I wish I could get you on a more normal, eat for 20 mins or so and be done, kinda schedule, but you just don't eat that way in the evenings.  Nursing wasn't the terror it was with the other two, so I guess I don't really mind so much.

You have been the easiest baby to date.  You are sleeping great in the cradle, though I have to get you mostly asleep before putting you down.  I'm thinking about moving you into the crib in the room with Ruth when we move to Pennsylvania in another 2 weeks.  You have napped a few times in it, and you seem to sleep well in it, like you do on our bed, I guess a real mattress makes a difference.  You are holding your head up really well.  Sometimes you even push up enough to get your chest off the floor for a 30-60 seconds.  Starting at 6 weeks old, you are rolling over from stomach to back, though you prefer to just get on your side.  I'm using the sleep positioner to get you to stay asleep.  Like your siblings, you only seem to sleep good on your side, not your back.  Plus you spit up alot.  Maybe it's normal, not alot, but since the other two didn't spit up almost ever, it seems like alot.  Over the weekend, I decided that you weren't just randomly smiling anymore, but social smiling, in response to whoever is holding you and talking to you.  You are cooing back more when anyone talks to you, though you are still very quiet when no one is talking to you, you don't talk to yourself at all.  I got my first laugh from you on Thursday.  I've been trying to get one ever since, I just can't describe the joy of those first baby laughs.  You'll do anything to get another one, one of these days when you have kids, you'll know what I mean.  It's just the best feeling in the world.

I look into your big serious eyes, and I wonder who you will become, and I can't wait to see. Your daddy loves and misses you so much.  Your brother and sister adore you.  And I love you more than words can say.

I love you goopey eyes,

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