Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learning with Mrs. Leah

Ruth gave Mrs. Leah a big hug and kiss as she was leaving this afternoon.  Tonight with a few tears, Ruth asked me why Mrs. Leah couldn't come with us to "Vania."  She told me that she wants her to come too, as if that would settle the matter.  Ruth is a happy, bubbly child most of the time, with an independent streak who's favorite phrase these days is "Me do it by myself."  It's so hard to get after her for anything because she listens and answers with a level "Ok, me sorry Momma."  or an confused sounding "But I wanted to?"  She just couldn't understand that Mrs. Leah wasn't going to be coming to "pway wiff me" anymore.  Ruth who has never meet a stranger has really enjoyed playing each week with Mrs. Leah.  Each morning Britt asks what day it is, and when I say Tuesday, Ruth immediately shouts "Yeah! Mrs. Leah day!"  I've enjoyed visiting with her over the last two months, and would have never guessed that we would all enjoy her visits so much.

Today, since it was so nice out.  They drew with sidewalk chalk on the drive way, and blew bubbles together.  Mrs. Leah had some of the special kind, that stick to you without bursting.  Ruth especially loved catching them and getting to investigate them.  Britt especially liked running to see where they would stick, and laughing at all the unusual places.  Britt drew a dinosaur that looks nothing like a dinosaur and then attempted his name.  His "B" resembled an oval with a line in the middle, the "r" was a squiggly line, and his "i" and "t" look really good.  It was his best unaided signature to date.  Mrs. Leah drew a big round circle for a face, and Ruth colored in the eyes, nose, and mouth.  She also gave it hair that stood on end, like Rebecca.

They always love all the games, toys, and things that Mrs. Leah does with them.  Britt loves it that he gets to play too.  I've never realized just how much we are teaching them when we play with them, but to talk with Mrs. Leah, and to see what she writes up about skills learned at each visit, it's amazing to realize, that everything really is a learning experience.  They really are learning through play.  Ruth is using actual sentences more and more, and using more adjectives than "alot, alot" since starting therapy two months ago. She's hearing and attempting many more consonants these days.  I think it's quite remarkable just how much her vocabulary and enunciation has improved just in that amount of time.  Ruth has had so much fun, being the center of attention, and playing with her "new friend."

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