Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally We Have Names!


As I've said before with Ruth and with Britt, picking names with Gary is impossible.  I suppose I don't help matters by wanting a Biblical name with meaning.  However at 35 weeks, we have finally picked names.
The List we started with...
For a boy, we've narrowed it down to two names - William David again and Ethan Lynn.  William David would have been Ruth's name if she had been a boy.  I'm not sure I think it fits this time, but that might mostly be because I'm not feeling boy vibes this time.  It was really the only name that jumped out and grabbed Gary.  And since names never do that (except for Gary Britt Cunningham, Jr, the Third, which is a name he will NEVER get to use EVER), I guess that means we should go with it.  Though I prefer Ethan.   We both seem to prefer older more traditional names to trendy modern names.  Gary of course prefers shorter names - Britt, Ruth, and Will or Britt, Ruth, and Ethan.

William means "strong defender, protector, or resolute guardian" in German.  David means "beloved."  Little one you are very loved.  You are named after many good, strong men.   William is a family name on my mother's side of the family, and we know and respect several brothers in the Church named David.  Lynn may first have come from the Scottish Gaelic Linn or the even older Celtic Ienna but both mean "from near the waterfall pool or lake"We hope that you will protect your family and those who cannot protect themselves.  That you will be strong for others to lean on and able to withstand the troubles that come with this life.  We hope you will be a defender of the faith, never giving in on doctrine or the truths of the Bible, but knowing in the non-absolutes that you can be flexible.  We hope you will have the wisdom to know the difference.  While, your Momma and Daddy love you, and your many aunts and uncles and grandparents love you, Britt and Ruth love you, we hope most of all that you will walk in such a way that it can be said that you are truely a man after God's own heart.

Ethan means "strong, firm, solid, impetuous, optimistic, enduring" in Hebrew.  Lynn may first have come from the Scottish Gaelic Linn or the even older Celtic Ienna but both mean "from near the waterfall pool or lake."  There are 8 men with the name Ethan in the Bible - one is declared a wise man, and another is the writer of Psalm 89.  The big difference in meaning between William and Ethan is impetuous.  While being impetuous can be a bad thing if it's overly emotional or rash, it can also be used in a good way as in a great force to accomplish much.  I don't know what all you might accomplish in life, but the best thing you could ever do, would to be a wise man of God.  You would be named after the best and wisest man I know.  Your Grumps's middle name is Lynn.  He is a man who always carefully thinks things through, and then stands firm where God directs.
For a girl we've narrowed it down to two names as well - Katherine Faith and either Rebecca Joy or Rebecca Rayna.  Rebecca is my preference from the two, but mostly because it's a name Gary has agreed to not shorten.  I really hate the name Becky, and I don't like Becca much better.  I love, love the name Katherine, but Gary prefers Katie.  I can live with Kate, but not Katie. So we are thinking Britt, Ruth, and Rebecca, or Britt, Ruth, and Katherine

Rebecca means "connection, to tie or bind, to join, secure, to capture, or captivate" in Hebrew.  It also means "faithful, servant of God."  Rayna means "song of praise, or Song of the Lord" in Hebrew.  Rebecca in the Bible was many things.  She was beautiful, hard working, and compassionate.  Abraham's servant observes all of these things, when she comes to draw water, and when approached she not only gives him water, but offers to draw for his many camels as well.  She showed great faith when she set out to marry a man she had never met all on the word of some man that might or might not be the servant of her uncle.  We hope that you will grow to be a faithful servant of God.  That you will join yourself to the Church and grow a deep and meaningful connection to Him and His people.  While the world admires captivating beauties, we hope you will cultivate a captivating personality.   One centered in a good and Godly character.

Katherine means "pure" in Greek.  Our wish for you is that you will be like I Timothy 3:9, and hold "the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."  You will make mistakes in life and have set backs, but we hope that over all, you will try your best to have a good walk before God, and live a life of faith.  If our experience is any indication, walking by faith won't be easy.  Every time that you seek to try harder and do better, you'll be met with new challenges.  The tricky part is that you never know what's coming ahead, that you can't see very far down the road.  We hope and pray that you will continually choose to walk that road despite the difficulties, because it is the best road.

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His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

All the names are lovely. Whichever you go with will fit that baby perfectly!