Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flash Back

Momma was taking all the video off the video camera today, from Christmas, when she discovered a few things that she had forgotten were on there.  We thought we would share them with you today.

(Note: 5/30/2014 - This is one of the videos I lost when One True Media closed down.  It was corrupted on the old hard drive and only the audio remains.  It was so funny.  Mean old Momma let Britt play with the vacuum at the house on Tom Carr Lane, and then since it was on, Momma plugged it in, and Britt had a come apart.  He climbed the couch, and attempted to climb the half wall.  Daddy was videoing and laughed till he had tears running.  Momma didn't have to tell Britt to leave her vacuum alone, for months after that.)

The video is from Sept 10, 2011.  Momma says I was as little as Ruth is now.  She thought it was especially funny, since Ruth got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and we are always arguing over who gets to use it.  I think it was a mean trick she and Daddy pulled on me.

These pictures are from this past August, and Momma took them with the video camera, because Daddy had the good camera in Indiana.  She was busy packing boxes, and thought I was taking a nap, when she came to pack up some of the bathroom.  Only to discover that I had found the makeup.  It reminded her of Unca Nick when he got into Grandmother's makeup.  She laughed at me the first time, but next time I got into her make up I got a spanking.  I'm not sure why it was only funny once...

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