Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of

Momma helped me put my dress on the last night we were in Florida, and I told her, "Pwetty dwess, I go to da ball."  All of us grand girls got a Disney Princess dress for Christmas from Aunt Joan.  Brystal got Snow White, Lilli got Rapunzel, Julia got Aurora, and I got Belle.  Britt got a knight costume which he has determined is Prince Phillip.  We played all sorts of games.  First Brystal pretended to be a dragon, and Britt beat her up.  Then we got out the tent and made it the dragon.  Lilli and Julia took turns getting eaten and we all beat up the dragon, and pulled them out.  We also went into the tower that Aunt Patricia got Britt for Christmas and called for help, and Britt rescued us.  I mostly watched out the tower windows and sucked my thumb and played with my blanket.  Though it was fun to watch them all be crazy.

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