Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 Years with Britt


Happy 4th Birthday, little man!  The changes of the past year have been remarkable.  You have grown in so many ways, from nearly being potty trained to becoming "my big helper."  I've come to accept that part of your personality is to retreat to Momma rather than charge into the fray.  Anytime you are in a situation that you are unsure of, you are eager to join in, but you tell me that you "need" me along.  However, you have gotten braver at talking with people you don't know - the lady at the supermarket, the doctor, and other kids on the play ground.  Sometimes it crosses into ultra clinginess at home, like when you don't even want to go upstairs to get your clothes without someone to come along with you.  But I love it when you crawl up in my lap and sing the song from the end of Tangled to me, and hold my hands just like Eugene and Rapunzel.

You are close to Ruth as well, still telling her what games to play and where to go.  She for the most part obliges you.  You enjoy "reading" books to her, and cooking with her in ya'll's play kitchen.  You have an active imagination and are always pretending to be either some superhero or a Disney character.  You wave your sword around, swing your shield and leap off of furniture.  You especially love to wrestle and beat up Daddy.  And yet, you still like to have your time to be off on an adventure on your own.  Even now, in the Indiana winter, you like to go out in the yard, and I can watch you waving a stick and talking to yourself as you explore the world.

You have been developing a real attitude lately, and often only comply with directions with a patronizing "ohhhhh-kayyyy."  You often can't be troubled to do simple things, like put away your cup and plate, or pick up your dirty clothes.  On another hand, you have the most tender heart.  You come most mornings to the bed to have a little cuddle time with Momma, and you often ask how I'm feeling and if the baby is ok.  You stop to tell our new baby about dinosaurs and superheroes.  You are thrilled when you get "high fives" back from the baby.  Some days you say you want another sister, and other days, a brother.  Either way you are excited to meet this new one, and even insisted last week that "I need to be at the hospital with you when the baby is born so that I can take care of you and the baby."

Your Daddy and I hope that you keep that sweet spirit, and don't become hardened by the world and calloused to the pain and troubles of others.  We hope that in time you will grow to be more independent and willing to stand strong, even if it means you have to stand alone, without Momma.  I of course, look forward to the day that you can complete simple tasks without 47,000 reminders, cajoling, or threats.  In the meantime I will enjoy cuddling with you on the couch and watching Tangled.

We love you, so very much,

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