Saturday, January 19, 2013

Birthday Plans

This morning, Britt came to the bed for some cuddle time, and we talked together like usual.  The subject of his birthday in three days came up, and I asked Britt what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Here's how the conversation went.

Momma:  What do you want to do for your birthday?
Britt:  Blow out candles.  You can blow out one, and I can blow out one, and Daddy and Ruth can blow out one.  And we can make wishes.
Momma:  What else would you like?
Britt:  Some pointy birthday hats.
Momma:  Is there anything specially you want to do?
Britt:  I want it to snow, we can have a snow party!  You can make a snow tiger.  Daddy and Ruth can make a snow cat.  I can make a snow horse, and a snow table, and a snow bed and we can cuddle.
Momma:  I don't think I would like a snow bed, it would be cold.  I like warm beds.
Britt: I can make some snow curtains, and we can put them all in a big snow house.
Momma:  Is there anything special you want to eat?
Britt:  After cake, we can have donuts.  Then I can make some snow pizza and snow strawberries, and snow chocolate and we can eat them in my snow house at my snow table.
Momma:  Other than play in the snow, is there anything you want to do.
Britt:  We can have a big snow party and call Lilli, and Aunt Joan, and Uncle James, and Aunt Heather, and Brystal and Julia, and Memaw, and Mister, and Grumps and Ahna, and maybe Uncle Benji too.
Momma:  I don't think they will make it, it's a long way from Florida and Alabama.
Britt:  Oh, well, what about a big movie, can we go see a big movie?
Momma:  That sounds like something we might can do.
Britt:  Good, oh and we should eat chicken sometime too.

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