Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't People Read the Bible Any More?

Elisha Britt. That's my son's name. It was important to me to have a name with meaning, and for him to have a biblical name to always be a reminder to him to be a man of character. His daddy wanted him to be Gary Britt III, so we kept the middle name in the middle position. I told him that we could call him Britt, but to pick a new name. Britt's great-grandfather's middle name is Elisha, so we went with that. Elisha was the greatest prophet of the Old Testament so I was happy. It gives him a Biblical name and a family name with alot of meaning.
Everyone knows Elisha. Elijah picked him and Elisha watched as Elijah was caught up into the clouds in a chariot of fire (top picture). Some kids called him baldy after that and he had 2 she bears kill a bunch of them. He raised a woman's child from the dead (above) and later after he was dead two different dead bodies touched his and were brought back to life. A woman who was left with nothing after her husband died he blessed to pour oil from a jar into a whole bunch of jars which not only paid her debt but was enough to live on (below). He healed Namaan of leperousy and when his soldiers offered Elisha gifts he refused (very bottom picture). He did lots of amazing things through the power of God.
So needless to say, I NEVER in a million years would have guessed that we would have a problem with people calling him Alecia Britt. You know like a girl's name. Everytime we go to the doctor's office I have to correct them and say, "Elisha, like the prophet. He's a boy." It's just slightly annoying and sad. I mean he was only like the greatest prophet of the Old Testament.


sweet tooth said...

what weird about my name in the bible is that its says I'm the seller of purple and Thats the coolest color to me I think its the best!
Lydia :)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I'm always having to correct people with Brady's name too. You will often find me saying "His name is Brady, like the Brady bunch or Beef of Brady's"!

Dani said...

I really wouldn't have thought people would have a problem saying Brady.

Jeremy Sarber said...

I personally like the name. In fact, two of my favorite people to read about in the Bible have been Elijah and Elisha. I do have trouble saying their names when I preach (making them sound different).