Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Days!

We had snow last week.  The last couple of times we've had snow, I didn't like it.  It was too cold and windy and wet.  I had fun this time though.  It wasn't as cold, and it wasn't windy at all.  Daddy pulled us and pushed us down hills on the sled.  I took handfuls of snow and put it in Daddy's bluejeans, and tried to run away.  Daddy tried throwing snowballs, but it was powdery snow and didn't do anything.  I even "dusted" all the steps, and the swings, and the porch, and everything.  Daddy used our broom to sweep the drive way, and then Britt took handfuls back to the driveway.  It took him a little while to catch on to Britt's scheme, but it was very funny.  We are suppose to get some more snow next week.  I hope it's enough for a snowman this time.

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