Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Three Britts Working...

Happy Faces vs. Serious Faces

While we were in Florida, we went to our old house, and got out the chicken coops and runs from our old house.  I was very unhappy that my chick wasn't there, and I wanted to live in this house a long time.  I didn't understand why Momma told me that we couldn't.  I was a big helper though, Daddy would unscrew things, Mister would use the crowbar to pry them up and then I would pick up the sticks.  Momma says I was a good helper, but only for about 5 mins.

After I got tired of all that, they started cutting poles and rolling up the wire, so that we can build another chicken coop whenever we can have chickens again.  First, I pretended to be a chicken, so that we could leave the coop up, but when that didn't work I picked out a sword from all those farthing strips that we had pulled off, and Momma and I went for a walk down the dirt road.  We picked some oranges, and fed the cows, and talked to the bull, and then we shared a Dr. Pepper and some Pringles.  It was a fun afternoon.

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