Monday, January 21, 2013

36 Weeks with Baby #3

Less than a month till our due date.  This past week I've been working like crazy to catch up on all the stuff that we haven't actually done yet.  I'm started to wonder what I have been doing for the last 8 months.  Monday we had our doctor's appointment, baby had a heart rate of 130, and everything looked great in the office.  They asked me to start taking an iron supplement since my iron was at the low end of normal.  One of the perks to being a red-head is that you are more likely to bleed heavily, so to be on the safe side they want my iron count up at the high end.  So, after my doctor's appointment we took a trip to CVS for iron, and a host of other stuff to get ready for labor, the only thing I haven't found yet is my red raspberry leaf tea.  I then  had an appointment to see the chiropractor, and that helped immensely.  I almost couldn't walk or stand up straight after the car ride down and back.  I hope I don't have any more pregnancies with this SPD because it's miserable.

Tuesday was mostly a day for getting the house in order.  We took down the tree, cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, cleaned the living room, cleaned and organized my desk, and unloaded the luggage carrier.  Wednesday was laundry day.  I managed to wash everything from the trip, all the baby stuff (sheets, towels, 0-3 boys and girls clothes), and towels.  I washed everything except one load of sheets, and while I was working on all of that I cleaned and organized the basement.  Thursday was the day for desk work - reworking the budget for the new year, balancing the check book, and paying bills.  Then I put away and organized all the baby things I washed the day before, and did that last load of sheets.  I still have a long to do list, including cleaning and organizing the garage.  Gary has laughed at me, and said the basement and the garage has NOTHING to do with a baby, but I want everything in order.

Friday, exactly one month out from our due date, we had another busy day in town.  We went up to the hospital.  They were really nice and SO laid back, it was a nice change from maternity care in Florida.  We don't have to do any sort of preregistration paperwork, they will get our information from the doctor's office, we just need to give them a call when we are getting ready to head in, and they will have everything ready for us.  They have birthing suites that are bigger than anything we've been in, and we get to stay in there the whole time.  All the nurses have training in assisting in natural births, and they were very friendly.  Gary gets a rolling cot bed, instead of sleeping on those pull out chairs, and he even approved of the cafeteria when he walked through it, haha.  I was pleased.  Of course, then we went to Babies R Us where the day went down hill.  They lost out on some serious money from us.  We had some cars eats to trade in for coupons toward new car seats.  The only seats narrow enough for our car to sit three across is the Diono Radian RXT, and they are expensive.  Well, this year Babies R Us has changed their rules, and we can't use the coupons toward the Radian, because they don't carry it in the store only online.  We also had looked at a really good deal on a glider, by using a coupon and some gift cards, only to be told the coupon and the gift cards wouldn't apply to that kind of furniture.  I ended up just picking up some bottles that were on sale adding some coupons I had.  Needless to say, someone else will be getting our business for the car seats.  They could have had about $500 from us, only costing them about $100.  They told us we would just have to pay the full amount, instead we bought the car seats elsewhere and we'll just do without a glider/rocker.
Today, we started our weekly doctor's appointments.  Baby's heart rate was 142.  The last two days I thought she had shifted, and sure enough doctor said, that this one is still head down, but no longer engaged. That explains the relief on my hips.  In a week or two she might want to go ahead and do an extra ultrasound.  She's not concerned about size at all, because that's no accurate in late ultrasounds, but she wants to check my fluid levels.  She says they seem pretty high.  When she feels around, the baby doen't feel bigger than normal, but I do seem to have alot of fluid.  They did by Group B step test today, but told me not to change my plans about heading into the hospital if I came back positive, that they can always observe to determine if baby needs the antibiotics after birth.  She liked our birth plan, said it's one of the best she's seen and asked if she could use it in the future.  I told her sure.  Everything looked good, and I'll see them again next week.


lydia said...

And again I say I want your doctor and to deliver at your hospital! I'm glad you're getting things crossed off your to-do list and everything is looking great for the baby. I've been meaning to look for some red raspberry leaf tea and start taking it.

Dani said...

I can't tell you how much I like my dr, seriously the best doctor I've ever had. She's amazing. She's pregnant with her third child too right now, and is due the beginning of April. Talking through the birth plan, and her birth plan today, just reinforced how great she is.

Back for the last two we found RRL tea packs at Publix, you just have to be sure to pick up the actually red raspberry leaf and not the red raspberry flavored stuff.

Brittany said...

Do you think you could post your birth plan? I'm in the process of making mine now. I feel a little behind the eight ball!

Dani said...

Brittany, I just emailed you our most recent copy of the birth plan. It's kinda long to post on here, unless I do it as a separate post. Let me know if you get it/have any questions.