Friday, August 24, 2007

Blogger Question...

Ok, so the survey results are in and while seven of you thought I didn't really need to do anything to the new look, two of you did. To be honest, I agree with the two. It seems a little plan jane. Like it's lacking something. I don't really have anymore ideas. So if anyone has a suggestion, please start filling me in!

Also, for everyone who is wondering. We do now have a name for the cat, Brodie. It just seemed to fit one night. I kept trying to remember where I heard it and remembered Brodie Castle that we passed in Scotland, when a friend reminded me of my pictures of Deacon Brodie, the good sheriff by day, theif by night. I figure that really works for the cat, since I tell him how good he is and Gary tells him that he's Satan.

Other than that no real updates. Still searching for a job, so keep me in your prayers.


Owl of the Desert said...

I'm not sure if red is the new look, but I like it!

I thought you were going to say you named your cat after Brodie Croyle... :-)

I've sorta been out of the blogging arena for a while, so I'm trying to catch back up now.

Queen B said...

Where is the next blog? How 'bout an update on the JOB! : )