Thursday, August 23, 2007

I feel most like myself when...

In the path already charted by Strem and Lydia...

There are lots of times in life where things are so crazy that you are just living to get by. Not really enjoying life, and certainly not living it. There are times when you are swept along by jobs, people, and general craziness. There are times where you feel like saying, "Lord, coming back right this instant would be great with me!"

Then there are times where there isn't craziness, or more likely despite the craziness, there you are feeling most like yourself and loving life. So here are my thoughts, in no particular order. What are your's?

I feel most like myself when...
I am reading a really good book.
I am singing.
I am at an awesome blossom church meeting.
I am teaching someone.
I am cuddled up with my hubby.
I am reading my bible right before bed.
I am listening to my hubby pray and holding his hand right before bed.
I am just being myself around real, and very cool friends.
I am sleeping in.
I am eating buscuits
or cornbread.
I am sketching.
I am working in the yard/flowerbeds.
I am playing with kitty.
I am writing letters, cards, or emails, especially to my grandmother.

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lydia said...

Good list, Dani. Thanks for commenting on mine! I enjoy reading the blog you and Gary have set up.