Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hello Transam Associates. How May I Help You?

For those of you who have not heard I finally got a job. Gary and I were going to have some serious trouble with bills this next month if I had not found a job by the end of the month and the Lord came through for us.

I'm working for Transam Associates, a medical transcription company. There are three parts to the business. They train people through an online school how to do medical transcriptions, they sell software and train others to use it in transcribing, and then they actually do transcribing for various doctors around the country. The couple that owns the business Linda and Alan, run it out of their home. They have this big beautiful house, and our offices are on one side, and they live on the other. It's a really nice set up. My job is to help Linda out with the last aspect of the business. In the last three to four months it has grown to the point that she can't handle assigning all the doctors to various transcriptionist and opening new accounts, and I'm helping with that, along with odds and ends that she needs doing. Right now, it's a full time job, BUT it may or may not stay that way, we'll see. I really enjoy working with them though, they are very Godly people and very sweet and considerate. VERY unlike some of the evil slavedrivers I've worked for (like the theatre).

I am really enjoying the job. They are letting me continue to have Monday mornings off to help the sisters down at the church, and I'm very grateful for that. They might even let me have off first Tuesdays to eat lunch with some of the sisters.

The only big draw back is that I work 9-5:30. I'm only 20 minutes from there, but traffic makes it at least a 40 minute drive. I'm glad to be able to help Gary with the bills by making a little money; however, I feel like I'm neglecting the house, and he's cooked almost all of this week, because he beats me home by 30 minutes or more everyday. I'm just hoping that I can still keep up my responsiblities at home as well as this extra job.


String Bean said...

That's great to hear! Iit's good that you found somebody who is flexible and who will help you work out your schedule if you have something to do!

strem said...

I'll be continuing to pray for you through these transitions! I'm so glad they are kind people.

Owl of the Desert said...

Glad to hear about the job. It makes a world of difference when you work with Godly people. I had a job working from a lady's home during college, and I absolutely loved it. She and her husband were both Godly people, and we felt free to discuss issues and ask each other for prayer. I hope your situation is the same.

As Strem said, "I'll be continuing to pray for you through these transitions."

Dani said...

For all of the foolish and simple minded people, who keep leaving comments like I have the power to right whatever wrongs and injustices you think you may have received:

If you actually looked around this blog any you would know that I am no longer working for this company. That it was a temp position for a few months. My husband and I do not post comments left that are insulting to us as a family or that use poor language. If you sincerly want information you will leave contact information, rather than posting as anonymous and acting childish. I view such comments as spam and unconstructive to our daily lives, therefore they will not be dignified by posting or with stooping to your insulting level with a response.

angie said...

Hello there.

I am new to Transam Associates. I am very excited to begin my journey with them. My worry, however, is with all of the negative comments made about the company. Here I am, a Christian woman, who was so thankful that God had answered my prayers and directed me to Transam Associates. Yet I cannot seem to shake my worries since seeing so much reference to this company being a SCAM. I became hopeful when I saw your blog and am hoping you can ease my worries since I paid so much to begin work with them. Thank you for your time.

Maureen said...

I was glad to see Dani's original post because of the negative things that seem to be flying across the internet about Transam, but also really sorry that it looks like people have been writing awful things to this blog because it comes comes up on a search under "Transam". Here's what I know -- the enemy fights hard to keep you from good things –and although my children are grown, I know that if there are any young mothers out there looking to stay at home because of the program Transam offers, it makes Linda and Alan automatic targets (remember the enemy especially hates children and mothers because he is a hater of life, because God is the author of life). Anyway, I am a Transam trainee and a Legal Assistant now for almost 30 years, and I also thoroughly checked out this company before I joined their program, and there is not only no indication that they are dishonest or illegitimate, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way they're doing business by selling their own software (the chief complaint of the disgruntled bloggers)-- they have to make money from somewhere when they are handling all these people who they are training without charge, and who they have committed to train as long as it takes. Many of their trainees will simply never be able to meet the accuracy standards, or will never finish the course -- what are they supposed to do, just work for free forever until someone helps them to make some money? That's silly, and the complaints that are being lodged on the internet are also silly. I think your concern is needless, and urge you to be persistent in learning MT. If the complainers had even a modicum of business sense, they would understand that you can't just eternally invest time in people with no guarantee of ever generating any money from your investment, and the software purchase obviously offsets these costs. As someone who has done medical transcription previously, there is also nothing wrong with their "exacting" requirements for live work. I am sorry to see the power of the internet used to degrade what could actually be a blessing of an opportunity for many people because they do not understand that acceptably accurate medical transcription is not only difficult, but most people either give up before they can meet the requirements, or graduate from expensive MT schools and still can't work with enough accuracy to get hired. When I saw Transam was committed to working with anyone regardless of their experience, and chooses never to "give up" on any trainee, I suspected the proprietor of having a Christian underpinning, and after reviewing your blog, it looks like I was right. I suspected this because such a principal is more of a humanitarian desire than smart business as it cannot net the employer any proportionate financial return (again, they have to make their money somewhere, i.e., the initial software investment). Angie, I too landed at Transam because of prayers, and when it comes to discernment between good and evil, I still believe that relying on a combination of common sense and the Holy Spirit in your heart is a much better choice than believing anything you see on the internet!

Dani said...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Maureen. I cannot tell you how many HATEFUL comments have been left on this blog. I understand that they are a company like any other and not everyone likes every company in business but the insults to me personally, my husband, and our life have been particularly bothersome. Thanks for reminding me to not be discouraged.

jodigirl1000 said...

God bless your blog. I have been caring for my elderly and very ill father. I am educated (an attorney) but I need work that allows me to be home and care for dad. He needs me.

I just passed the initial TRANSAM transcription "test." I was so jazzed. I was a bit concerned about the allegations of "scam." The "complaints" made no sense to me.

Your blog gave me courage to believe in the good in people.

My blog is ""

irma Tammy said...

I am unemployed right now. I'm very involved in God's Kingdom, that is where my allegiance lies. So when I received an email offering this opportunity for flexibility,and advancing financially from my home, I was definitely interested! My problem at the moment is NO MONEY! So to purchase the software is not a reality for me. I've sent my "test" anyway and see where the Lord leads me in it. I truly believe our God works "decent and in order". I agree wholeheartedly with Maureen--common sense and His Holy Spirit--like a hand in glove.

JohnnyG said...

I just found this blog as I was researching Transam Associates job opportunity.I was getting a bit frustrated with all the negative comments. I am more reassured with some of the comments here. I took the test and submitted the application today. I will have to wait a week or so to be able to afford the software. I was wondering if someone that has completed the training and is doing live work could post comments. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the MT at-home work- like all the posters before me, I have the same concerns. I know I will pass the test. I've been a transcriptionist before and I've also worked in medical publishing. My concern is, like a previous poster stated, I am looking for income, not spending more money. This isn't even my "field," but I need to work and being home would be a huge help. Transam knows this since they saw my resume online. As for having "us" buy the equipment, isn't there another way for them to make their money? Certainly they didn't need for us to purchase any special equipment when they gave us the test. Couldn't the system work the same way? I'm just concerned because I want/need to work legitimately and this sounds as if it could be great for me. Any guidance I could receive would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to do my research.

Jen said...

Hi Dani, I am writing to ask you about Transam. I am not wishing to gossip, be nagative, etc. Just seems that you are wise and make healthy choices from what I have seen and would appreciate any thoughts. Can you possibly email me if I give you my address? It should be posted in the email follow up comments.
Looks as though you have been really busy lately, I will not take up much of your time.

Thanks very much,


Sarah said...

I just started working with Transam, against the negative urging of fellow transcriptionists. So far, everyone from my trainer to my NP Manager have been very nice and helpful. My only concern is that I get 1 voice file a day and sometimes, not even the 1. This isn't going to help me pay any bill. Will it get better?
Thanks for your encouragement.

Dani said...

Work will be slow until you get through the training program. Which if I recall correctly means three months of 99% accuracy. However after that you can work as much as you like.

Anonymous said...

Maureen, you stated that you thoroughly checked out Trans Associates. I was wondering what you did to check them out?

I'm looking for work at home jobs and would appreciate any tips you might have.

God bless

Kimberly Burke said...

I have been working at home as a virtual agent for several years now.
I am glad last year you were able to find a brick and mortar job with this company.
I understand you have since left this company.
Your blog does come up when you research Transam Associates. After reading through comments I can see you have been frustrated by some of the responses.
I myself was contacted by this company several days ago. After losing my job and searching for work 2 months I saw this as a great opportunity and a blessing from god.
I need to say after reviewing their "Job" Application this morning I feel compelled to make a comment.
I was contacted by this company thorugh a job website. They positioned the job as an actual "work at home" position. It sounded great and I was very excited until I hit the buy now button.
I was confused in regards to this. I contacted a live agent and she assured me this was an Independant contractor position and they would assist me with payments of the $495.00 software. I could begin training as soon as I made the first payment of $260.00.
This is actually a home business. This "special software" is a requirment and you have to purchase it through Transam.
This was very discouraging as the 20 minute conversation revolved complaetely around purchasing this software and nothing else.
After doing this for years I felt deceived. I have been provided the software and working tools for every position I have held working at home excluding the actual telephone. Citrix and pearl are licenses owned by your employers regardless of independant or W-2. These have always been the most secure way of working over the internet.
God will lead me to something, we are all on this journey for whatever reasons he tests us.
Just use your better judgement. Noone offering a job will ask you to invest money prior to working for them.
I hope all is well for you and your family and continues onward.