Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Highlands!

This is yes, a snow-covered mountain. The week before we came they had snow as far South as London, and four feet deep in this area of Scotland. I love how the light through the mountains looks. The view heading up into the higlands...
The Peacock that the Indians that ran our hotel owned, and the view from my bedroom window.
The Highlands are usually what one thinks of when they think of Scotland. It was by far the most beautiful place we saw. The scenery was amazing and while we were there we had the oppertunity to attend church at a Scotish Kirk. I believe I mentioned before that Kirk is Scotish for church. However, it is also a way to differentiate between the Catholics and the Kirk (which are more or less Presbyterians). It was different from our services in so many ways. They did have an organ, they had picked out four or five songs before hand, and they broke up the song service by singing, then reading and preaching, then more singing, then preaching and reading, and so on until they closed with the last song. However, I was tickled to recognize one of the tunes (Be Thou My Vision) set to different words, and "Crown Him Lord of All" to a slightly different tune. And even though the preacher was a woman, and even though we were a gazillion miles from home, she had something good to say, and she talked about Christ (which according to Dr. B is a rarity amongst European services). I really could feel the Lord's presence there.
Final thought, I know that it is completely out of order, but I took communion with them. I didn't know how to get out of it without being rude. I was kinda of glad that I did however, I really felt that they were worshiping the Lord the best way that they could. They did it in faith as well. There were about 7 members there, and there were ten who were at decoration days at other places. However, since this was the time for their communion they had poured wine in al the cups. They didn't know that we would come, but they did it in faith, and the Lord sent people to worship with them. They were so excited to have us there, and to share "tea and buscuits" with us. They seemed encouraged, and reminded me of so many of our little churches that are dying out. I prayed right then that, it never happens to Crossroads. So I know I shouldn't have, but hopefully no one excludes me for it.

We are having "tea and buscuits" which really means coffee, tea, and cookies. Finally below, we saw the castle from Monty Python.


strem said...

The peacock and the scenery are gorgeous!!! You sure saw a ton of places on your trip, and I'm still jealous! I would like to talk to you about the church services on the phone sometime. Hope you're having a great week!

String Bean said...

Awww Man I saw Highlands and I got excited because I thought they were Singing School pics. haha
But that's ok! The pictures are goregous! Looks like you had an amazingg time! :]

Dani said...

I promise I'm almost to singing school. I will have one more blog on Scotland, and then one blog on London. THEN singing school!