Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Cat

As some of you may have heard, we have a new cat. He is a beautiful, loving, and playful fellow. Gary is now my hero, and after you hear about this cat, I think you'll agree.

As some of you know, I've been battling some loneliness. I'm so use to have Matthew home when I get home from work or class, and us dissecting every asspect of any movie, book, school occurance, and everything else, that to spend alot of the day more or less at the apartment alone, is not so much fun. Part of it is also that I'm use to devoting alot (and when I say alot I actually mean pretty much all of my time) to school, and I have since I started Kindergarten at age five. Part of it is getting use to a new place, and not being familiar with things. But it suffices to say I've been pretty lonely during the day.

So I asked Gary about getting a very small dog or cat. He more or less said absolutely not, animals do not belong in the house. Well, last week we got some terrible news. Aunt Evelyn, my Grandfather's sister developed a brain tummor seemingly out of no where. Saturday morning she wasn't making alot of good sense when we talked to Auntie (Granddaddy's other sister) and by Saturday night they had determined that it was a brain tummor, and she was swollen up, unable to speak, and the doctors said there wasn't much they could do except to try to take some pressure off with surgery and see how much they could take off. Last Wednesday, I got word from Grandmother that it didn't do any good. I was terribly upset and Gary had told me I could go to the shelter and play with the animals just not to bring any home, so I did.

What I found was this beautiful gray cat. That night I was pretty upset about Aunt Evelyn. Growing up we use to go over there and ride the horses, or play in the yard, and have big meals. Every Christmas Eve, we spent over there with ALL of mother's side of the family. It use to be so much fun. It was even harder for me because I don't feel like there is anything I can do all the way out here in Florida. I begged him for a cat to keep me company during the day. He said he would go look on Saturday, maybe we could get a cat, as long as he wouldn't be too much trouble or too loud. In fact Gary's conditions were, no sleeping on the bed, no sitting in his chair, and it had to be a boy. He did say I could go and visit him on Thursday.
So Thursday after I got my cleaning done, I went down to the shelter to play with him. They told me that he was scheduled to be put to sleep, and I asked if they could hold him. They said only two hours. I called Gary upset, and he agreed to use his lunchbreak to come over. He looked him over, and said, "I guess you can have him." I was so excited. He saved a little furry life. Sister Kelly told him that he was a good husband, and a strong man (not a weak one) for giving his wife something he really wanted. haha.

The cat, though still nameless, is very lovable and clever. He follows me around the house alot. When I'm doing laundry he watches what piles I pick up and then procedes to bat them closer to the washer to my feet. When I'm folding laundry he sits under the chair that I put it all in, in the center of the bedroom floor. When I'm cleaning the bathrooms he lays right outside the door. Alot of the time when I'm typing he wants to either lay in my lap, sit under the chair, or sit up in my lap with his feet on the edge of the desk. He's pretty funny, and very sweet.

He's a beautiful solid gray with greenish-yellow eyes. Other than the eyes, he looks like a Chartuex cat. Previously he lived with an elderly lady, who had to be put in the nursing home, and no one in her family wanted the cat. She said he was very gentle, but playful. That he didn't scratch at the furniture, climb on the counters, dig in flowers, but that he was very loving and wanted to be close to here all the time. So far he has born all of that out. The one really odd thing to me, is that he would rather lay in his box, under furniture (especially the coffee table) as opposed to sitting on top of the couch. The only time he really gets on the couch is win I am sitting there too. If I stay off the computer too long though, he often sneaks over and sits in the chair, since the afternoon light falls right across it.
Only problem, he does cry some outside the door at night, wanting to be in the room with us. So any suggestions on stopping that. Or any good suggestions on names?


strem said...

I love him. He looks like my grey cat Simon... but Simon is probably 2 or 3 times bigger than your kitty. Thanks for sharing your sweet story. I am sure he was with his owner at all times - especially while sleeping. So, it'll be very hard for him for a while. Does he have a nice, warm cozy box to sleep in? Maybe near your bedroom door?

beatrice said...

happy cat!

my cat looked like that once, but he got older and wiser...and fatter.

Anonymous said...

I think Satan would be a cool name for a cat right

Dani said...

Not funny, Gary Britt!