Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, I've been scrubing the house down, since I haven't done ANY cleaning this week, so I suppose I can take a small break right?

The last few days that we were in Scotland we spent in Edinburough. This is the capital of Scotland. Edinburough Castle is on Castle Rock towering above the rest of the city, and as a result is virtually impossible to capture. Only once in it's history has it fallen into enemy hands, and then it was due to a traitor inside, not because it's defenses were breached. Holyrood Palace is the Queen's official Scotish residence and it stands at the end of the Royal Mile down from the Castle. It is so named, because a Scottish King of olden times was hunting boar and was wounded. He fell from his horse and was about to be trampled by the boar, when he cried out "Christ save me!" Legend has it that at that moment, a stag appeared before him and scared away the boar, and when he turned to face the king between his antlers was hovering a holy rood, or a cross, and the king built a monastary on that spot. The monastary was gradually added onto and became a residence. Along the Royal Mile between these two great buildings is the Old Town. This, along the river, and inside the city walls, is were Edinburgs lived for years. Many of the buildings are 10 stories or more up, and just as many stories underground. By the 1800s without proper sanatiation and running water, it was getting unbearable. The wealthier constructed fancy homes with yards on the other side of the river, and it became known as the New Town. All the poor were condeemed to live in the older buildings which became known as the Old Town. When plagues came through there were many instances where the city fathers would just brick up an area leaving those inside to die in the dark. Many of these areas still have not been reopened, and ghost tales and tours abound in the lower levels of the Old Town.
Welcome to Linburough Castle, Mary's birth place. Below St. Michael's Church, most likely the place she was christened.
We found Mary's head!!! Below Holyrood Palace, and Castle Rock and Edinburough Castle.
While in Edinburough we attended a Ceillaugh (I know the spelling isn't quite right here). Some of us went in our tartan garb. Winn allowed us to get him a kilt, and if I might say, it looked GREAT on him. Anyway, we were dance partners as well as fellow conspirators. Below we enjoyed our haggis and learning to dance. Even Mary recieved her royal haggis.

For many Edinburough has been inspiration which might help to explain why so many authors are from this area. Below, the real life Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekel, followed by Greyfriar's Bobby. For those who don't know a Bobby is a common name for a Scottish terrier. This terrier everyday after his master was burried in Greyfriar's cementary, would hang out around this pub and play with school children, and every night he would curl up and sleep on his master's grave. The dog was loyal for almost 15 years before his own death. Attempts were made time and time again to give him a new home, but he always returned to the cementary.
Finally I'll close out this one with the boar rock at Holyrood Palace, see I didn't make up that whole story.

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I love that boar rock. More and more beautiful pictures and scenery. Looks like a fabulously fun time!