Monday, August 20, 2007

The Best Weekend Ever!

This weekend I had the perfect weekend ever! I generally start on supper about 4:30 or 5 so that it is ready when Gary gets home. so on Friday I tried a new recipe for porkchops. It was near so hard as I expected and it came off perfect. It was my first time to cook porkchops ever. Gary loved it, which he defined as liking it enough to eat it again some time. Then we mostly were lazy just hanging out on the couch most of the night. I read some and he watched tv, and it was a nice cozy, don't have to rush off to bed, since he had to be up early kind of day.

Saturday morning we slept in a good bit before getting up and heading off to Ms. Abbey Rose's birthday party. She turned nine. There were several couples and family members from the church and bunches of kids everywhere. Ms. Abbey Rose is WILD about Ariel. Who wouldn't be with the awesome red hair and merimaid thing going on. haha. So they had a good time swimming, eating, singing karoke, dancing, and the whole nine yards. We had fun watching them and visiting. Brother Randy Miller and I even solved all the major world problems. All in the course of the afternoon. We got quite carried away visiting and stayed from 11:30 to nearly 4.

That wasn't all for the day though. Brother Ernie Stump from Alabama was flying in to preach for us Sunday so El Bethel decided to have a Saturday night service and have him over. So we met with them as well as several members of our church over Tampa way. He had a real good sermon on the saving we recevied on the cross (redemption) and the saving we get out of the Holy Spirit in our life time (regeneration) and the great difference in them. He had a good text and made me look at some things in a new light, leaving me with more questions than ever. That's how it should work though right? Be encouraged to study more and deeper. :)

Sunday we met back at Little Union for church and heard another good sermon on our Master and all the definations of that: teacher, lord, one having authority, commander-in-chief, pilot, ability to perform. We had a real good time at lunch visiting with everyone. Afterward we dropped by Granddaddy Garland's house, since he had surgery earlier in the week. There ended up being ten different people over there and before we left we just had a little prayer service. It was a really good time. We were about to head home ata little past five. When we found out that Brother Jim and Sister Kelly who had kept him all weekend were carrying out Brother Ernie and Sister Kelly's parents, brother, and sister were all coming along and they asked us if we wanted to come or not, and so we did. We had a GREAT time fellowshiping and hanging out all evening. Then for the rest of the night we just hung out and had a good time the two of us and the cat all on the couch.

I have to say I love my Gary Britt and I love being married and I love good church family. It really was the Best Weekend Ever!

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strem said...

Everybody together now... "Aaaaawwwww!" The weekend sounded super to me. You should try one up in Illinois sometime. :)