Monday, May 01, 2017


Last week, I finished up Kate's nursery.  I took a couple of days to get it all done.  The first day I finished up washing clothes and bedding and putting everything from our shower away.  I also cleaned the room really good top to bottom that day.  I don't vacuum this room every week, since we haven't been using it really, so it was in need of a good cleaning.  Rebecca was a big help that day.  She liked help going through all the "cuty clothes."  Even though she wasn't thrilled when I told her that she couldn't play with the box of baby toys for Kate, she hasn't messed with them since we got them out and cleaned them up.  Her favorite part was putting all the baby shoes in the little turtle 31 tote I got with a K on it for Kate.  

Then the next day on Thursday the replacement hardwear for the baby bed came in, so I put the bed together, and quickly realized it was just a bit too deep to work where I had planned to put it.  So, with some help from Britt and Ruth we moved the dresser across the room, and put together the baby bed.  Britt  really loved putting the bed together, and stacking the diapers boxes under it.  Ruth helped me put all the bedding in the bed.  For the time being I have Rebecca's bumper in the bed.  I found it and cleaned it up.  I really thought I had already carried it to the consignment shop, but apparently I never had.  I'm still trying to decide if it matches close enough to not drive me batty.  Ruth and Rebecca both agree that I need to sew a mouth on Kate's lovey.  After we washed them, I put one in the diaper bag, and the other in her bed.  When Gary got home I made him move a couple of pictures and hang a few others.  Sis. Lydia made the prettiest prints.  One has her name on it, and the other two have scripture verses on them.  Then she made a few little ones, that I also put around the room.  I especially love the little red fox that says, "Be Brave".  The blanket that Grandmother bought for Kate says it too, and that's kinda been the theme of this pregnancy.

Today, I took the gift cards and money that we were given for Kate, and after my final MFM appointment, Britt, Ruth, Rebecca and I headed over to Babies R Us.  I picked up almost everything that was still left on my list (still debating on the bumper, and there were a few little things the store I went into was out of).  So tonight, I was able to put the last of that stuff together.

Of course this room will still primarily be a guest room.  After all Kate will sleep in the cradle in our room until she sleeps more or less through the night, or outgrows the cradle.  I might put her in here for naps, but we'll still need a place for company.  I really love how everything has come together the coral and teal and sage green with little bits of pink here and there.  It's so feminine and yet not super girly.

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