Wednesday, May 03, 2017

My Loose Tooth

I waited a long, long time for a loose tooth.  Britt lost lots of teeth, but I did not lose any.  But now I have lost one.  Britt had his tooth growing behind his baby tooth, and I had mine grow back behind my tooth too.  When I first found my loose tooth I was super happy, because I had waited a long, long time.  The dentist wanted to pull it out, but I said no.  I ate corn on the cob on the side of my mouth because of my loose tooth.  Every day it was a little looser, and one day we slept in the tent.  A few days after that on Saturday before Easter, there was only one little bit still there, so I pulled it out.  And my tooth is almost to the right spot now.  I put my tooth in a little bag, but I did not get Britt's Mario bag.  The next morning I woke up and looked under my pillow, and there were two tooth faerie coins.  Daddy thought she wouldn't come because it was Easter, and it would be her day off.  I'm happy I've lost a tooth, and I want to lose another one.

(What Ruth didn't share was that she had that loose tooth for at least 46 days, and wouldn't pull it herself.  And she refused to let her Daddy do it, because she wanted to do it herself.  I've never seen a kid go so long with one.)

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