Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Faerie Garden

First my faerie garden started out as lots of old pots, some bushes, and some snakes.  But one day, we decided to clean it up and make a faerie garden.  First, we went to the store to see what flowers I wanted.  Then another day we goed and buyed them.  We bought a yellow flower, and after that we buyed a pretty fluffy pink flower.  And a little tree one.  We bought a little tiny faerie tree that grows white flowers on it.  And one big old pot that wasn't ripped or broken or cracked, and we put the yellow flower in it.  And the fluffy flower was in a bucket, and we kept it that way, and added a little flower that looks a little bit pokey.  We have the paint the walls before we can hang up my suns and moon.  I'm hoping when I get back from Ahna and Grumps, Daddy will have it ready.

We had to do a little touching up on my pink faerie house.  And I have 4 new faeries they do good deeds at night, but if they touch the light they die.  One of them is named Nettle.  She also has a sister that lives with her.  But Nettle mostly writes to me not, her sister.  My faerie is going to share the book with the new faeries.  The faerie house I got for Christmas.  No faeries has moved in yet.  There are some little flowers in the lid, but they kinda look dead right now.  I might need to try something else there.

This is so Ahna can see what Angel Ivy looks like.
I use to have two green tomatoes and one red one, but Daddy picked it one day, so that she could have a BLT.  Momma loved it.  Now I have a red one, a little green one and a big green one.  I also tried to plant some lettuce, but it died.  It's black right now, because sometimes I forget to water it.  I also have the top of the pineapple.  Part of the leaves broke, but it's growing them back.  I'm trying to water it every day.  I'm growing tomatoes to make tomato sandwiches.  I love having my faerie garden.

(All of the pictures were taken by Ruth.)

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