Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Butterfly Garden

My butterfly garden is beautiful, and it also has butterflies and birds and flowers.  I have yellow flowers, pink flowers, purple flowers, and orange flowers.  Some of the yellow ones died and are growing more flowers again.  My favorite is the pink one in the pot (a desert rose).  I also have a fern and some hosta.

I have a flag, it has dark purple and light purple and yellow butterflies and pink polka dots.  It has my name on it - Rebecca Joy Cunningham.  I have two watering buckets but they aren't real.  I have a butterfly water dish for butterflies.  I have a little picnic table for picnics.  I like to eat at the table.  Sometimes I do that with noodle soup.  I have stepping stones, and I jump on them.

(Ruth took all the pictures that Rebecca told her to take.)

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