Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I was Transported into Mario Party 8

I was playing my favorite wii game, when all of a sudden I was transported into the Wii...

One day, I was playing Mario Party 8, until a glitch when into the Wii and it took me inside.  When I found Wario, Waluigi, Luigi fighting about who was better at Mario.  Waluigi said, "I should have been in instead of you, Luigi."  Luigi said "No, I'm better than you."  Wario said, "No I'm the best of all."  Then Mario comes and says "Break it up, break it up.  You all have your own games, even if me and Luigi has more." I was hiding behind a tree while they were fighting in the beach land.  This is land number 4 in the New Super Mario Brothers.  Then Donkey Kong comes and he was angry about something.  Mario says, "DK!"  So, then those two start fighting.  Then Yoshi comes and he uses his tongue and throws them all to different places, splitting them up.  But, Princess Toadstool comes and starts fighting with Yoshi, and everyone starts fighting again.

Mario finally said, "Lets stop fighting and just agree that we should all have been in it."  So they head back to Mario's house for a party, when DK asked, "Do you feel like someone is watching us?"  Mario said, " I did hear foot steps."  Bowser comes out and said, "Can I come to the party?"  "Yes, you can come and join the party,"  they all say.  He was so happy that he accidentally burned the tree that I was hiding behind.  So Mario says, "You are the little boy, kid, who comes and plays me!"  I said, "Yep, that's me."  So we all went inside and got the party all ready.  Mario said, "There's some things missing.  First, the drinks, and second, where is Bowser with the cake?"  When Bowser finally got back, it was a humongous cake that Bowser had cooked himself.  They all had some, and there was plenty left over.  Next, Tribones and some other guest that Bowser invited, like a turtle and Boo.  So they started the party, and hung a sign that said Mario and Friends:  Big Party.  So, it started getting late, they were having so much fun, and sharing presents.  Bowser got a ticket to fix his castle.  Mario got a treasure box with 2 of each kind of power.  Luigi got some more overalls, since he's running out.  Waluigi gets a brand new purple hat.  Wario got a boxing bag for punching at home.  Then I got the one and only, my very own flier box, with 15 flier powers in it.  Since it was late, it struck midnight.  So, Mario said, "You better go back home now.  When it gets 2 minutes after midnight, you can't go home again, and the time will start back in your world."  So, he walked me to the portal to go home.

I ended up in the living room floor.  Momma said, "Time for lunch!"  And I said, "I'm coming!"  And that's where my blog ends.  The end.

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