Friday, April 28, 2017

Baby Shower

Last Saturday, we had a little baby shower for Katherine.  It was SO cute.  Sis. Lydia and Aunt Joanna, made all these cute woodland decorations, and the most delicious cupcakes.  I mean, really delicious.  It felt SO good too, to do something normal for this pregnancy.  And, after 8+ years and three other children, there have been a few items that just needed replacing, so I'm thankful for the help with that too.  I'm still having panicking moments, here and there.  I had one a couple days before the shower, and asked Gary what if we lost her and had all this stuff here for her.  But for the most part, I am enjoying this last part.  I'm really tired and sore alot of the time; normal third trimester complaints, and I'm sure that some of my exhaustion is directly related to low free T3.  BUT, I'm getting really excited about having another baby in the house.

I really loved getting to hang out with all the ladies that came up to Panera Bread for the shower.  Now, that we live so far from Church (and let's be honest, we haven't been close (location wise) to our Church family since Rebecca was born), it was extra wonderful to be able to just sit and listen to all these ladies that I admire.  It's good to visit with so many special friends.  And did I mention Panera Bread.  Last time we ate there it was winter in PA on the way home from Church.  So that would have been winter 2014-2015?  I love their tomato soup, and their bread, and their paninis.  Anyway, it was delicious too.

We got several things that we needed for Kate.  A changing pad for the diaper bag, some pacifiers, bath stuff, a baby bullet for making baby food again, diapers and wipes (you can't get enough of those).  Then we got some adorable things.  Like little onesies and some beautiful pictures for her room.  Sis. Linda made the prettiest blanket.  We also got two cute little lovies just the same that I can attach a pacifier to.  We were very adamant about not using a pacifier for the girls because Britt managed to turn one backwards, and get it behind his gums to choke on it.  I threw them all away that afternoon.  But, it is proving difficult to break the thumb sucking at 6 and 4, so I thought maybe we could try pacifiers again, and just ALWAYS keep them on some sort of clip, so I loved those.  Of course the girls are insisting that I sew a mouth on the lovies because they have eyes and a nose, but no mouth. haha.

We also got a few gift cards, and some cash.  Apparently the Babies R Us there in Brandon was out of several items, so we are planning on Monday or Tuesday when we are in town to pick up a few last things that people wanted to get.  The last two days I've worked on our nursery/guest room.  I moved some of the furniture around a bit to make things fit better, put together the baby bed, washed up everything I still needed to wash, and had Gary hang some pictures yesterday.  It's really looking nice.  She's going to have the prettiest nursery of all the kids.

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