Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Down to the Last Week

May 1, 36 weeks 2 days, face shot.  Look at those big old
cheeks.  She's going to look like Gary and Ruth, I'm sure of it.  Still holding
out hope for red hair though.
Monday afternoon I had my 38 week appointment.  Everything went well.  I'm so excited to finally be down to the end.  It feels real and yet surreal to realize that we should have a baby by this time next week at the latest.  The plan is to go in Monday afternoon, and set definite induction plans for that day or beginning of the week, depending on how things look.

35 weeks.
Everything is pretty well done around the house.  Memaw has been coming off and on for about a month to deep clean things for me.  And this week she finished up scrubbing down our grimy tile and grout.  She also has cleaned nearly all the windows in the house, and my only goal was getting together enough energy to clean the one next to the baby cradle, this week. Ha!  Tomorrow or Friday sometime, I'll have the kids completely clean up the toys and things on the back porch so that I can sweep it.  I might have them take rags and wipe down the toys, but I'm pretty sure I'm not even going to consider mopping it.  The only other job for this week, is to wash clothes and put them away today or tomorrow.  Provided I feel alright, we plan to make the trip up to Church on Sunday.  And we'll pick up the baby swing and the rest of the diapers from family while we are there.

May 1, Kate's foot.
My parents are planning to take the entire day on Friday to drive down.  They will be here about a week.  So, anytime after that sounds like a good time to have a baby  They have plans to take the older kids back to Alabama with them for a few weeks.  We've not worked out all the details of how long they will stay, but that should help too, with adjusting to having a baby back in the house.  I'm hoping when they come back, that they can stay over a little while too.  Having Mother around with 4 kids in the house would be wonderful.

May 1, Profile shot.
Now, we are just playing the waiting game.  And before you ask, don't ask about whether or not the contractions are picking up, don't ask when I think we'll go into labor, just don't ask.  Let's be honest Ruth came 19 days early, and Rebecca came 10 days late.  Three of our four children had to be induced.  I doubt this one is any different.  Besides, do you really think I had her and just didn't tell you?  Seriously though if one more person asks, I'm ready to tell you people 3 weeks after she gets here, that by the way, she arrived.

38 weeks on my 32nd b'day.

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