Thursday, December 02, 2010


Britt is getting more and more independent these days. He wants to put his shoes on by himself even though he hasn't figured out that you have to open the Velcro to be able to fit his foot in. He wants to use a fork, and gets upset when you stab his meat for him. He doesn't like for you to give him something on your spoon, but he wants you to sit it in front of him, and let him pick it up. Most of all he is getting to the point that he wants to use a spoon for himself. I HATE the mess so I don't let him work at it very often, but for lunch he gets a cup or two of yogurt and I let him eat it himself.

Along with this new found independence he is starting to be more vocal. He knows saying "peas" almost always gets him what he wants, he is starting to say "danku" more and more though he is using it like "Your Welcome" not "Thank you." It's still terribly difficult to understand most of what he is trying to say, but it's obvious that he understands most of what we say.

Meltdowns are more frequent these days, I suppose it has alot to do with the fact that he wants to do so much that he can't yet, and isn't able to explain to me what he needs when he says "holp." When he's in a good mood though, this age has been the most fun by far. When he's trying to do so much and succeeds, or when he is able to say something that gives me a glimpse into what he's thinking, or he grins that silly, mischievous grin; then it's truly a good day.

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Megan said...

Ava and I loved this video! I love the head nod that Britt gives Ruth while eating the yougert. So cute...are babies are getting so big!