Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Lane

Last Saturday while we were in Plant City, we decided to head over to Christmas Lane. Gary and I have been every year since we got married, but even though Mr. Lane Wetherington has been doing it since 1985, Mom and Dad had never been. So, they decided to gather up all the grand youngins and head over there with us. Gary and I usually wait till closer till Christmas to go, and we usually wait until about 9 at night. However, this time we went around 6:30 (because it was half time in the Auburn - S. Carolina game). I told Gary we had learned our lesson it was crazy there, to try to keep up with three toddlers, it was so busy.

We had a great time. It was so fun to watch the kids dart from one side to the other pointing out all of the raindeer, trains, bears, presents, snow, stars, you get the idea. Britt was super funny about the tree this year. They have a 35 ft tree that they put up each year, and Britt stood at the bottom of it, pointed to the top and kept asking to touch the "lar" on top. I just laughed and tried to tell him Momma couldn't reach it either.

The biggest hit of the entire night was when Mister and Memaw got them all a bag of cotton candy and a cup of popcorn to share. Britt refused to eat the cotton candy and he ate WAY more than his share of popcorn to make up for it. It all worked out though, since Brystal only wanted cotton candy.

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