Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We arrived in Alabama safe and sound really late on Friday night. It was a long trip. I napped some, and I watched some movies. We stopped for Steak and Shake for supper, and I got to order my first meal. To tell the truth, Daddy only let me have one since kids eat free there on the weekend.
I like to eat. Infact last night we ate supper with "Gran-mo" (Grandmother) and Granddaddy at Ryans. They had lots of good food, Gran-mo had chicken and Grandaddy had soup and Daddy had some steak and Momma had shrimp. I had some crackers and some of Grandmother's cookies, and some of Daddy's salad, and some of Momma's shrimp, but mostly I ate two of Granddaddy's lemons. They were WONDERFUL! It was so sour, but I kept coming back for more.

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