Sunday, December 05, 2010

Yo Ho, Me Mates, Yo Ho

Last Sunday we celebrated Sara's 22nd birthday with a Pirate Party. Most everyone dressed up, and while I thought about it, with everything going on for Granna's funeral, I just didn't have any time to put any further thought into and pack up more stuff, so Gary and I crashed the party without costumes. Pirates of the Caribbean is a great movie, and that's why Sara got the idea. Isaac makes one stellar Captain Jack Sparrow. We knew that he does a great impersonation. What we didn't know is how erry the resemblance is after the girls did his eyeliner and he donned a costume.

When we arrived they had already broken into the pizza and chips, and had the movie running on the tv. So we grabbed a plate and visited. After food it was time for cake, so we sung happy birthday and Sara blew out her candle and we all dove into it. They thought of everything from the movie, there was plenty of drift wood, treasure, jars of dirt, and even rum! Ok, not really it was root beer, but that didn't stop us from quoting great lines from the movies like "What happened to all the rum?" and "Aye the Rum."

After that they all played music chairs while I held Britt and watched and took pictures and video. Oh were they funny. And of course, my husband was the worst of the lot. Faking people out so that everyone was scrambling for a chair before Kelly had ever stopped the music. Able running around the chairs as fast as he could, Kelsey diving between chairs for a seat, and the general mayhem and laughter. Britt crouched for a while in the floor next to me just watching them, and then when they all sat down, he would jump up and screach with laughter. He thought they looked funny, and I had to agree with him. Later he thought Kelly needed to hold him while she ran the music, and everytime they stopped, he felt the need to point out to her where "Dada" was.

After that they turned on some music and line danced. I would have loved to have gotten out there then, but Ruth decided that she needed to eat supper. We visited a little more after that, but had to hit the road on the way back to Gainesville as they pulled out the games. We had a really good time. It was nice to hang out with some of our friends, since we don't get together as often now that we are in Gainesville.


Brittany said...

What a great party idea!!!

Owl of the Desert said...

What a good-looking group! Sounds like a wonderful time!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I had so much fun being the "dj" for musical chairs and really did get a kick out of Britt squealing "Dadda" everytime!