Monday, December 06, 2010

Giddy Up

Britt has a rocking horse that Granddaddy made for me my first Christmas. He needed a new tail, since somewhere along the five grandchildren he had lost his tail (a little like Eeyore, though I'm not sure I've ever hear the rocking horse complain like him). I was on the thing before a year, though me walking at 9 months might have made a difference in that. Britt has played with it some, but has needed help getting on and off it, and doesn't want to stay on it long. Part of that too might be that until recently he was riding wildly and walloped his chin on the poor horse's head several times. In the last two weeks, he has figured out how to get on and off by himself, and rides more gently now than before. Some days I wonder if he is going to rear and flip off the poor horse, but other days he takes calm rides while drinking his milk.


Owl of the Desert said...

I can't believe how much he is growing! What a cute memory. Makes me think of the very tiny rocking horse at my grandmother's house. Emily loved that thing.

Dani said...

You know we've seen alot of real nice looking rocking horses, but to me there is just something special about the one granddaddy made. It's a durable little thing, and I imagine one of these days it might get passed on to Britt's kiddos.

Christie Love said...

Such a cute blog!
Little ones in western wear is adorable.