Friday, December 03, 2010

Rolling Right Along

Little Miss has been rolling right along. That's what I affectionately call Ruth... "Little Miss" I called (and still do) sometimes call Britt "Little Man" so I guess I have a think for little even though she's not so little. Seriously, you know the Geco commerical where the little gecko has a cell phone, and his partner is wondering where he keeps it, and after he turns away for a split second and looks back to see the gecko with a wallet bigger than he is. Well I think in a similar fashion, somewhere on her person, Ruth is carrying a purse that is heavier than a ton of bricks. She's getting so big, but I digress.

She has been rolling over for right at 4 weeks now from back to stomach, and has almost managed stomache to back a couple of times now. I have finally been able to catch her at it on camera. She's not near as serious as she was either, infact she flirts and flirts to be picked up and then just sits and grins, ever so pleased with herself. She has spent quite a bit of time laying on her back watching the lights on the Christmas tree this week, so I guess she likes it.

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