Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shark Tooth Attack

Two of my grown up teeth, are trying to come in at the bottom.  They are coming in way behind my baby teeth though.  One might be up top too.  I feel excited about grown up teeth, but I wasn't very excited that my baby teeth might need to be pushed out.  Today I went to the dentist, while I was waiting I was going to play wii, but it wasn't working.  The dentist said the teeth would move up and push the baby teeth out.  He called them shark teeth.  I didn't get anything from the treasure box though, since they didn't do anything.  Instead Daddy took me to McDonalds, and I got an oreo blizzard for being so good at the dentist, and I even got something like orange coke in my cup.  I got to make some new friends there too - Cooper and his sister.  I can't wait to loose my teeth, maybe I'll lose three at once, and get three dollars from the tooth fairy.

(Don't know how well you can tell, but they are not coming in in his gum, but just behind it, toward his tongue.  They are nearly all the way in judging from the back of them.  Hopefully after today's visit we won't need to pull them, though I'm not sure if he will lose the baby teeth since they are already nearly in and so far back.  Odds are that he will need braces now, but I'm glad it wasn't something we had to pay for today. -EDMC)

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