Friday, July 10, 2015

15 Weeks with Baby #4

I'm starting to sport a baby bump, and Gary noticed two nights ago that my belly button is starting to stick out a little.  I feel like I'm really big to only be 15 weeks along, but I've only gained 2 lbs so far. Since I weighed in at 147 lbs.  I should have taken a picture yesterday when I was dressed up to go to town, but I haven't taken a one yet.

Yesterday was my appointment with the midwives.  At my first appointment I met one who had three kids was a bit older and had been delivering babies for 30 years, but was newest to the practice.  This time I met a younger lady, who was really great with the kids.  She was very apologetic, the office staff goofed up and left me sitting in the waiting room for over an hour.  She let the kids work the doppler.  She told Britt to squeeze the gel so it looked like a Hershey kiss.  Ruth got to turn on and hold the speaker box, and then she showed Britt where to put the microphone part.  All while she held Rebecca up next to me on the table.  They were so excited to hear the heartbeat which was nice and fast.  I'm measuring a little on the large size, but everything looks good.

I've had almost no morning sickness this time.  I counted up in my planner and I've only been sick 7 of times and all 3 of the days that I actually threw up were on days that I had unbearable headaches.  It's been really nice to have basically no sickness, let alone not that all day, every day nausea that is only somewhat relieved by actually throwing up.  The trade off has been incredible exhaustion.  When the kids were gone, I took a nap almost every afternoon, since they have come back I've got to laid down a few days when Ruth and Rebecca have laid down at the same time, while Britt has reading time or plays Mario or MathBlasters.  I feel like it should have let up by now, I'm well out of the first trimester, where tiredness is suppose to be more of a big deal.  The midwife yesterday suggested that I take Vitamin B Complex when I get up and again at lunch to help give me a pick me up, till I'm feeling more myself.  So I may start that again.

Gary won't be able around his work schedule to go for an ultrasound until the last week of August, so they scheduled my next appointment to be that week as well, 6 weeks out.

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