Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Favorite Grassland Animals

Did you know animals live in the Savanna?  Did you know that elephants are endangered?  They are the keystone species, they are so important to the grasslands.  That means if they die, all the wildebeest and other animals will die.  Savannas get lots of rain more than the plains.  Elephants push little trees down, or it would all be a big forest, if they went extinct.  If they died it would be like the Savanna never existed.

If I had an elephant I would name him Col. Haute, like in Jungle Book.
Did you know Bison almost went extinct, but there more now, but they are still endangered of going extinct in the wild?  They live on the other grasslands, the plains.  They got hunted by people.  They eat the grass to make it shorter, then other animals eat what is left.  While Bisons run, they dig their hooves in the dirt.  That lets new grass grow.  Did you know that there are birds also called cowbirds?  They stand close to the bison as they can, to pick off bugs.  But they have to stay on their toes, because they could get stepped on by the bisons hooves or get trampled.  Did you know that other animals have to move out of the way of Bison, they move in big herds and they trample.

If I had a bison I would name him Raging Bolt.
Did you know why fires are important?  Because they burn up the old grass so new grass can grow. It puts the nutrients of the old dead grass back into the soil for the new grass.  Grass doesn't die if you step on it or cut it, even if you burn it, it doesn't die.  Trees grow at the tip, but the grass grows from the bottom. You know another way you get new dirt.  Dung beetles on the Savanna roll up all the animal poop and carry it underground to make the dirt healthy.  They also eat some of it.  Yuck.

We are going to the safari ride to see the Bisons at Lake Tobias on Friday if we get all of our school work done this week.

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