Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My Letter to Britt

Dear Son,

Today you are 6 ½ years old.  Happy late Father’s day to me.  You have grown a little bit, but you aren’t much taller than last year.  However, there have also been some changes in life since last year. 

Today you will be starting your first day of 1st grade.  Momma has lots of things planned for science, history, and of course math and reading.  You will be starting back to co-op again in the fall, the end of next month.  But with it being summer time right now, you get to do lots of fun things, like swim lessons for PE and zoo trips for science.  Some things you have really started excelling at.  You’ve always been excited about science and what makes things happen, and why.  You will still need to work hard at basic math and reading, but it seems like you pick up more and more each day.  I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that you get to start a new grade, the bad news is you have the same teacher you didn’t like last year.  As your mother shakes her head at me, thinking “I KILL YOU!”

One very large one is that in May you joined the Church and were baptized.  Your mother and I are very happy and concerned about that at the same time.  You are very young, but we’ve also seen the way you react at Church.  The way you seem to understand basic doctrines of the bible.  Now, though we feel more strongly the responsibility that we direct you and teach you more from the Bible.

Some other changes are that you have learned the addiction of video games, to our annoyance, as you ask on an hourly basis if you can play Mario Brothers.  Then when we do say yes, you immediately ask if you can play too.  The sad thing is I’ve seen your mother play, and you are better off by yourself.  You do also like playing Math Blasters on the computer, which I hope encourages you to learn your adding.

Well, we have a new baby on the way.  We don’t know what it is right now, we do know thankfully it’s only one.  Of course you’ve been hoping for a brother since sometime after Ruth.  I don’t want to burst your bubble, but even if you get a brother, there will be 7 years difference between the two of you.

This was also your first year to play t-ball, which was an eye opening experience and a headache, at least from my perspective.  I found out that helping to coach a baseball team, is like living in a house of cats.  You might listen the first time, but then the next time you are digging a hole, playing in the grass.  You tell one to put on a helmet, only to have him take it off before he gets to the batter’s box.  Not to mention trying to teach you to throw the baseball properly, or swing level, instead of acting like you are chopping a tree down with an ax.  You did get to meet more kids our age in the area, make friends, burn some energy, and you did improve even if you couldn’t understand why we didn’t keep score.  You got your first trophy over which you were VERY excited and stole my hat, because you lost yours.

Momma also introduced a chore chart this year.  You’ve improved a lot and taken on more jobs.  She has basic chores that you have to do, but you have others that you can earn additional checkmarks, that you then get to cash in for quarters on pay day.  Each week you can earn money, and then we talk about different things we want to do with our money.  One is to save for big items, one is to give to the Church, and another is for spend on small items.  Momma and I hope to use this to teach you first about giving to Church and others, but also to have a goal of saving money, for example you want a particular toy at the zoo right now that is $6, so you should have that money in a couple weeks’ time.  I help you count it out, and hand the money to the cashier so you get a sense of how much it is, how long it took you to earn that money, that you worked to earn.  It means more when you buy stuff.

All photos 7/8/2015
This leads me into what I hope you learn this year.  We really want to focus on giving.  You have now learned that most everything we have has a cost to buy it and to maintain it.  You understand that the food we buy at a restaurant or the groceries we get cost a lot of money.  And while it’s important for you to do your chores and daily things like clean your room and make your bed among many other things.  We want you to learn to use money, one for the basic math but also for the skills to live on your own one day.  When you start making your own money, you have to train yourself to give.  It’s not an easy thing to learn.  In fact you have to work at it.  It’s not easy to just give.  Many times you want to give one amount, and if you aren’t careful you’ll give less.  Right now, it’s not so much how much you give, but the intent behind it.  You should want to give it cheerfully, honestly, self-sacrificingly.  I found it is difficult to just give, even Daddy has to work on it, on a regular basis.  But the Lord instructs us to be a cheerful giver.  The Lord doesn’t give us a baseline or percentage, but he gives us great examples.  First He shows us Jesus Christ, who gave ALL of Himself.  But, also there are many other stories in the Bible, one lady gave two mites, all she had, and the Lord said she gave the most because she gave of all she had.  But, giving isn’t just monetary.  It also means commitment and time.  A great example is how your momma, gives of herself to teach you, Ruth, and Rebecca to read and write and school on a daily basis.  How she makes sure she has plans and exciting things to learn that peak your interest and things that are a necessity.  I know sometimes the math is tedious and a lot of work, but it is important to give your best effort.  What Momma shows is more than just giving it is charity – it is giving with love.  She does all this for you because she loves you and wants the best for you.  So this is a lesson you don’t learn just one time, but that you do on a daily basis – it is important to give of yourself.  The best reason is because we love you.

I love you son, I hope that this next year will lead to more adventures and knowledge that we get to learn new things every day.


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