Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Letter to Rebecca

 Dear Rebecca,

Happy late Valentine's Day!  We love you very much.  You have changed the most of all of our children in the past year.  You have become very self reliant.  As always you favorite word is not just no, but NO in the largest caps we could find, underlined with 5 exclamation points behind it.  In fact I think you like no so much, that when you answer a question with yes you don't often say it, but just shake your head yes.  You can cry or get your feelings hurt at a moments notice.

One of my favorite parts of my day, when I come home for lunch, or from work is that you are so excited to see me that you come running hollering Daddy, Daddy and hug my kneecaps.  You have a way of just tilting your head to the side and smiling even when you are guilty and wrong.  Of all our three children, you are the most independent and resilient.  While you do still enjoy playing with Britt and Ruth, you are continue to play in your own world, do your own thing.  You tend to want to do things your own way, even if that is the hard way.  You really enjoy trying to do things for yourself whether that's taking off your own pull up or insisting that no one else can buckle you in the carseat, that you have to.  In some ways you are stubborn, you don't want to switch from diapers to just using the bathroom, which we both know you can do.  You don't share very well, particularly the rocking horse.  You take advantage of still being the baby that you win arguments and take things that they had.

Since last time I wrote your vocabulary was basically one word.  You have definitely expanded it though it is still sometimes difficult to understand what you say.  When it comes to eating you still pretty much eat all sorts of things, especially fruit.  You complain about eating a few items, but will when you are forced to.  You now are able to get some clothes and partially dress yourself.  You sleep in the big bed with Britt and Ruth.  You still prefer sleeping with your blanket and taggie.  While you love taggie, and Bro. Jonathan, there are some things you cannot stand.  You hate to have dirty hands, any kind of bug or insect, and get really upset when something happens to the good guys in the movies.  You were just hollering and wanting us to fix it when the "train of thought" crashed in the movie "Inside Out."

You don't seem to know that you aren't as big as everybody else.  You sit at the table and color or work on a sticker book while they do school.  Even though you are 2 you seem to expect to be treated the same way as Britt and Ruth.  Though in the last few weeks you have started biting them when you get mad, so you obviously aren't ready to be treated like they are.  I guess things will definitely change when the new baby comes.  You'll no longer be the baby, but you also will get to be a big sister.

Valentine's Pictures from 2/17/2015
One of the most important things in life is honesty - being truthful to one another.  Where you do what you are suppose to and if you say you will do something you do it.  Honesty is more than just being correct or right, it's the action of doing the right thing, helping others, and being truthful when it's easy to lie.  Being honest takes a long term commitment.  You can quickly lose others trust with dishonesty.  We love you Rebecca and hope that you grow in knowledge, that you reach certain important milestones this year, like being potty trained, and are excited about the new changes coming this year in our lives.

I love you,

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