Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All About Princesses

  1. Princesses always keep them dresses clean.
  2. Princesses always, always, never ever try to throw away or hide their food somewhere.
  3. Princesses doesn't too big of a mess in them room.
  4. Princesses doesn't walk through places that are really slippery with mud, because they could slip and get them dress muddy.
  5. Princesses always listen to the King.
  6. Princesses always dance alot.
I is the Meridia kind of princess, I do whatever I like to do.  She is brave and does whatever her wants to.  I like princess because they like to dance like me.  I twirl like them, not like other kinds of dancers.  Sophie is a princess too, and Snow White is, and Belle.  All princesses really like to dance, and I am a princess that likes to dance.

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