Friday, July 31, 2015


So I'm definitely feeling movement now. I thought I might have felt movement, July 5 and 12. See on Sunday evenings, we typically go stretch out on our bed, flip on the AC and I read aloud to Gary, while the kids have popcorn and a movie in the living room. Since I was still those two times I thought I might be feeling movement. But at just shy of 15 and 16 weeks, I thought it might be early. I know though that I've been feeling movement from the baby this week. Since I've not had the crazy morning sickness it's made it feel a little more real. This baby (and maybe it's just because it's early) isn't as active as the others were, I feel some rolling, but not much else. The baby also seems to prefer my left side, as that is where I usually feel some movement shifting around.

Since I'm having trouble seeing my toes and my belly button is pretty flat, I decided on Sunday it was time for a belly picture. I was 17 weeks and 4 days. Of course I was pleasantly surprised that I don't look that big in them. I'm still hovering around the weight I was when I got pregnant, I'm up a pound, and since apparently weight fluctuates up to 2 lbs a day, that's not really anything.  I'm still tired off and on, but I'm mostly back to my normal self now.  My headaches have mostly gone away too, so I've not been sick since my last report.  Now mostly, any tiredness and headaches are straight up a result of the heat.  We've not had too much heat this summer, but occasionally when it's warm, and I'm somewhere and the air isn't moving much like up at the YMCA for swim lessons I get light headed and feel wore out.  We are really looking forward to our ultrasound coming up in a little more than three weeks.

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