Thursday, March 07, 2013

Snow Day!

Yesterday, the two oldest enjoyed a snow day.  We got 13 inches of snow courtesy of Winter Storm Saturn.  It's a shame that Gary wasn't here to enjoy it with us.  I thought about buddling up the littlest member in the carrier, and wearing her out under my coat, but decided that there was no way I could keep my balance and help the kids, with her in tow.  So, after I fed her, I wrapped her up in the swing for a little nap, and out we went.

Now, you all know I'm from Alabama, and if you add up all the snow I've seen in my life time, it wouldn't equal 13 inches.  Tramping around in it was fun, and it was really fun to laugh at Ruth falling in it, and Britt doing nose dives, and trying to explain to me how it is that his snow pants are like a swim suit.  (Don't ask, I'm still not sure what the connection is.)  I pulled the kids a little bit on the sled, it was easier than I thought it would be.  However, I'm still sore enough from birthing the last one, that I wasn't up for it long.  I was relieved when Britt said he was ready to go inside, get a cup, and play on his leap pad a bit.  (This decision might have been hastened along a little by his Momma putting her old batting gloves on him, instead of his mittens, so that Ruth could wear his mittens, since her's were in the car with Gary in Maryland.)

Kita of course is loving the weather.  She's either running in circles on her line, tossing sticks to herself, or circling up in the snow to nap with her nose tucked under her tail.  I wanted to hook her harness to the sled and then put her on her leash to let her do the work of pulling the kids, and burning some energy, but alas, she chewed through her harness last week and I've not replaced it yet.


lydia said...

Looks like fun! My mom likes to remind me that it always took forever to get us ready to go play out in the snow and I was ready to come in after about 5 minutes. They would force me to stay out longer!

Dani said...

Yeah, it definitely took me longer to locate and dress them in all their snow clothes than we were out there. Ruth would be a 5 min girl, if I let her. Heck, I'm not much better. It's been in the mid 40s yesterday and today though, and no wind for a change, so that made it WAY better.