Monday, March 11, 2013

Maryland-Pennsylvania Trip

Picture from my hotel room in Morgantown, WV
My flights got cancelled, so to make my job interviews I talked the HR manager into letting me drive out.  I left on Tuesday around 4, by the time, I left and then came back for my dress clothes, and left again.  I drove about half way that night, to make it easier driving in case of weather.  I stopped the night in Morgantown, WV.  The drive was fairly easy, some slight rain for the first hour and a half, but the rest was clear skies.  The snow started about 10 mins out from Morgantown, and continued over night.

I stayed at Ramada Inn that had the best hot breakfast I've ever had at a hotel.  They had tons of food, and even real eggs.  I took my time getting up to allow road crews plenty of time to clear the roads, and any morning traffic to clear out.  I made even better time, due to the pending snow storm, because no one was on the road at all between there and Salisbury, Maryland.  There was no weather on the road either.  I drove alot on I-68, where you go 3 miles up a mountain, and then 3 miles down the mountain.  So you are bouncing back and forth from 60 uphill to 80 downhill, I also learned not to drive in steel toe boots... you tend to go faster than you intended.
Clear roads and driving
When I got onto the peninsula in Maryland, I thought I was getting close, because I was through Baltimore, but I still had over an hour of driving left.  The drive on Hwy 50 was a surprise, I didn't really expect to see all the corn and soybean.  It was actually pretty and rural.  I got to my hotel, which was nice.  It had a swimming pool, Jacuzzi pool, a workout area, AND two pool tables to go with it all.  Since I was so close to the ocean, I had to stop and eat seafood for supper.  I asked Ms. Carol with HR for a suggestion, and she mentioned Brew River, which I enjoyed.  I had all you can eat crab legs, but didn't eat that many - only about 10 clusters.

I had a breakfast interview on Thursday, at Bob Evans at 7 am with Mr. Bob.  Then I had an interview each hour with four more people until 11.  The interviews went well.  I had a good time, but the only problem when you interview with five people separately, you get some of the same questions over and over again.  "Why this company?"  "Tell me about yourself."  "How do you feel you fit in this position?" After 5 hours of interviews done, I was then given directions to Palmyra, Pennsylvania, right outside of Hershey.  It was only a 222 mile drive according to the GPS.  There I meet with the grain manager for that location.  I really enjoy meeting with Dick, and we ate at a GREAT restaurant.  The chef is Ukraine and his wife is Greek, but the food was awesome.  I had crab, fish, and shrimp meatballs, with a linguine with roasted tomatoes and pepper sauce.  It was large enough portions that I could have split it with Danielle and us both been full.  With that came a lobster shrimp bisque.  It was incredibly creamy.  It's hard to describe.  We also shared two appetizers of crab rolls - crab meat, cheese, and cream cheese rolled in panko bread crumbs and roasted - and Sliced mushrooms with crab meat on top, and slightly melted parmesan cheese, drizzled with a wine sauce.  I don't even like mushrooms, and that was great.  I might have liked the crab rolls best of all though.  This meal was not cheap, in fact my wife might never be allowed to eat here, if she is she might be blindfolded so that she can't find her way back.  It was worth every penny that the company spent on it. I had another really nice hotel that night.

On Friday, I then drove over to Elizabethville, Pa, where the position would be.  It's a real small place, about 1200 people, but it does have a Walmart.  It was probably a little less than 15 miles from my hotel, but there aren't many direct roads, so it was probably a 45 minute drive.  Coming into town was a beautiful, scenic drive.  You have to drive about 6 or 7 miles straight up hill, just to come back down the other side to get to it.  I met with the office manager and team there.  I got the nickle tour of the whole facility, the silos, old turkey barns, and fertilizer/chemical buildings.  Everyone was really nice and courteous seemed to be hard workers.  Everyone seemed to like the company, not much bad was reported.  It seems to be a company that takes care of people both employees and customers.  I also drove around the area a bit.  I couldn't tell you where all I went with Dick, but I enjoyed getting a feel for the area.  I think it's a company that I could enjoy working for, and a nice area to live.  After lunch with them, I hit the road to head home.

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